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How To Use Whiteboard Explainer Videos in The Buyer Journey

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Digital marketing has transformed the business world, taking businesses to a new level. Traditional marketing methods, including television, advertisements, magazines, newspapers, and radio, have less significance now than new marketing techniques promoting the brand to potential clients. These traditional old marketing sources were replaced by new marketing sources such as social media and search engines, paving the way for the new modern form of digital marketing. The new digitized marketing technique comprises creating explainer videos to market the brand on social media and digital marketing platforms.

Explainer Videos have high marketing value; 65% of people are visual learners. Consequently, one minute video with mesmerizing content can easily attract more customers in a quick amount of time! From big brands to startups, many businesses have acquired video animation services to create eye-catching whiteboard explainer videos to explain a buyer’s journey, from the initial stage to the final production and marketing stage. The engaging videos provide essential information about the company and its services; consequently, they have become the most beneficial method for growing business.

Significance of White Board Explainer Videos To boost Digital Marketing of the brand

According to Wyzowl’s 2020 State of Video Marketing report, 96% of people watched explainer videos to learn more about a product or service. In the present scenarios, businesses have integrated whiteboard explainer videos into a marketing automation system to help companies track their video marketing. The black and blue videos demonstrate the brand’s information on the whiteboard. The duration of these videos is from 1 min up to 3 minutes; the colorful animations in the whiteboard explainer video help the viewers know what is going on in the display. In addition, a whiteboard explainer video keeps the users engaged with the video explaining the buyer’s journey from viewing the product to purchasing and consuming.

Whiteboard explainer videos comprise an engaging script that simplifies the process by illustrating outline problems and demonstrating solutions. Following the script, the whiteboard animators create a storyboard with striking voiceovers, links, and images. Well-designed videos and whiteboard explainer videos have the element of humor that builds customers’ interest and make products and services relatable. Adding an animated explainer video to your landing page help to increase website traffic. Integrating this video content also boosts the company’s website search engines. In addition, the whiteboard videos create backlinks that bring high SEO rankings for the brand. Consequently, the website can become the site the customers turn to for information, build an audience and improve the brand’s digital marketing.

If you are starting your business, you can choose a reliable and high-quality video animation company that produces stunning animated explainer videos that tell companies’ stories and get the message across to potential clients in the most streamlined manner. In addition, businesses and brands can maintain a strong and engaging social media presence by availing of the best whiteboard animation services. Using state-of-the-art tools of whiteboard animation videos, the: video animation services provide clients with the most up-to-date animation features that will never let their customers down.

How White Board Animation Videos Effectively help buyers in Each Stage of their journey

The Awareness Stage

White Board Animation Video can assist buyers in the initial stage, i.e.,  the awareness stage that creates brand awareness. This is an essential phase of the buyer’s journey that allows customers to understand their challenges and the problems they might face at the preliminary stage. Consequently, clients can gain awareness through whiteboard animation videos. Comprehensive brand awareness knowledge will help customers gain a bigger picture of the challenges. Furthermore, video animation services can use whiteboard animation videos to organize webinars to educate the buyers and find practical solutions to resolve their issues.

Consideration stage

Once clients have analyzed their issues, it’s time to come up with a search for a solution. First, the consideration stage will help customers to suggest ideas to solve their problems. Then, whiteboard explainer videos will take the business a step further. For instance, creating how-to videos provide a step-by-step solution to their issues. Through these short videos, potential buyers come to know the primary purpose of their product, while companies can share a product that showcases brand personality among potential clients.

Compares options

In this phase, consumers compare options promoting the brand’s unique image in the competitive market. Consequently, whiteboard explainer videos comprehend distinctive features of the product and service. Moreover, whiteboard animation videos with engaging illustrations and visuals allow the audience to connect strongly with the customer.

The Nurturing Stage

During nurturing phase, businesses use whiteboard animation videos for marketing campaigns. Independent video campaigns comprise customer testimonials or case study videos that illustrate customers’ experiences concerning the brand. Such videos will prove to be highly beneficial for a wider audience. As more potential buyers watch these splendid videos, it will entice them to purchase the product.

The Purchase Stage

Video animation services create whiteboard explainer videos to assist the sales team in final purchasing deals with potential buyers. Promotional videos comprise product demos that build trust and genuineness of the product. Usually, customers buy a product after seeing a product demo video. Creating personalized marketing videos will help the salesman to know which aspect of the video customer has watched and gain complete insight into the prospect’s areas of the brand. The sales team can easily follow up on leads through these explainer videos. Furthermore, these videos boost customer engagement, enabling new and existing customers to share their experiences and influence more visitors to gain brand awareness.

To Recapitulate

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