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How to Solve QuickBooks Error Code 1310?

by rj933294

When installing or updating the QuickBooks desktop to the most recent maintenance version, Error 1310 can occur. QuickBooks error code 1310 is a problem that appears whenever you try to install or upgrade the QuickBooks desktop. Many customers immediately report this QuickBooks issue on desktop, while others attempt to resolve it independently.


What triggers QuickBooks Error 1310?

Several issues may trigger QuickBooks Error 1310. These include:

  • Insufficient storage in the installation hard drive.
  • Insufficient privileges rights for updating and installing.
  • On the installation drive, write protection is enabled.
  • The sectors on the hard disc are corrupted or damaged.
  • Files on local storage that are corrupted.
  • Third-party apps or software are causing persistent pauses in the QuickBooks Desktop edition.
  • Microsoft Windows Installer that isn’t registered.


Methods to Troubleshoot Error Code 1310

Below are some of the most viable methods for troubleshooting QuickBooks Error Code 1310. Go through each of the methods sequentially and if any technique does not work, go to the following method(s).


Method 1: Use the QuickBooks File Doctor

QuickBooks Doctor File Tool is a multipronged tool that can troubleshoot a myriad of errors associated with QuickBooks, the Error Code 6150 being no exception. To make use of this tool, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Download and Install the QuickBooks Doctor File Tool
  • Select ‘open the tools hub’ followed by the ‘Company File Issues’ option.
  • Now, select the ‘Run QBFD’ option.
  • Choose the required company file and select ‘continue.’
  • Enter QuickBooks username and admin password.
  • Select the ‘Next’ option.
  • Wait for the process to conclude. Once done with processing your company file, you must restart QuickBooks and check if the ‘QuickBooks Error Code 6150’ issue has been resolved.

We hope this method successfully helped you fix the QB Error Code 1310. If the issue persists, jump to the following method.


Method 2: Modify the Settings of the User Account Control.

  • Press the ‘Win+R’ keys simultaneously. This shall open the Run Window.
  • Type ‘Control Panel’ in the Run window.
  • Click on ‘Enter.’
  • Select Change user account control settings from the User Account menu and click Yes.
  • On your PC screen, the UCA Settings window will appear.
  • Finally, click OK before restarting your computer.


Method 3: Register Microsoft Windows Installer Once Again

  • Type ‘msiexec /unreg’ into the Start Menu search box and press Enter.
  • Hit Enter, then click the Windows Start button one more.
  • Go through steps 1 and 2 again.
  • After that, try downloading or upgrading your program again to check whether error 1310 in QuickBooks persists.


Method 4: Give Full Admin Access to the Windows Installer

To grant full admin access to Windows Installer, you need to implement the steps given below:

  • In the Start Button search field, type Command Prompt.
  • Right-click the result and select Run as Administrator.
  • You will be prompted to input ‘icacls “C:Config.Msi”/T /C /grant administrators
  • To exit Command Prompt, hit ‘Enter.’
  • After you’ve closed QuickBooks, try upgrading and installing it again to see if QuickBooks Error 1310 still appears.

We are optimistic that the steps mentioned in this article assisted you in resolving QuickBooks Error Code 1310. If you encounter any queries while going for the methods mentioned above to fix the error, contact our QuickBooks Technical Support Team.

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