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How to Select the Best UPS for Your PC

by jamesurso

It is critical to choose your UPS unit carefully. And only a few websites or hardware stores can help you with this. PC users frequently purchase UPSs based on recommendations. Without any technical foundation, or even on the basis of price, as if any UPS works for everyone. We recommend APC Easy UPS Online for best performance.

In most cases, the only criterion is to select the cheapest option. Others fare worse, as they end up purchasing a voltage regulator rather than an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), which is the source of the acronym UPS.

Clean Energy to Our Computer

APC Easy UPS Online

APC Easy UPS Online

This equipment’s first function is to provide clean energy to our computer. (We will only talk about computers.) Because it contains components specifically designed to filter alternating current from the outlet. Providing multiple electrical safeguards to keep the delicate equipment running at peak performance. Avoiding degradation and potential failures due to an unstable power supply.

Power Backup

The second function of a UPS is to provide power backup during a power outage. Because of its internal battery. Giving our computer the power, it needs for a short period of time while we save and close all programs. Then we will properly turn off our equipment. We were able to save millions of computers and their components thanks to this equipment. As a result, avoiding damage during a blackout. Not to mention that the hard drive did not save an infinite number of files at the time of the failure.

Experienced with APC hardware and will enroll you in an electronics course. We will give you the fundamental parameters so that you can learn to choose your UPS without much thought.

Brand Apparent Power Or VA

When you buy a power supply, which is the component that powers our computer. We sell you all its components based on the Watts required by your equipment. However, UPS manufacturers sell them under the brand Apparent Power. That we calculate by multiplying the voltage by the current required by a piece of equipment.

We referred this item to as “VA.”

As a result, UPS will label 500VA, 1000VA, and so on.

But we promised you we would be practical. A computer’s typical power factor (fdp) ranges from 0.7 to 0.6. We will go with the most conservative value of 0.6. Thus, the important relationship between Watts and VA is: (VA)x(fdp)=Watts.

Maximum Power of the UPS

This means that a UPS labelled 1000VA can power a maximum of 1000×0.6, or 600Watts. Similarly, divide the power required by your source by 0.6 to determine the VA required; for example, if your source is 500W, the UPS you require must be at least 500W x 0.6, or 833VA. On the market, there are numerous UPS brands and models. Excellent, you have already made the right decision.

You must now consider when your UPS will provide power while you turn off your computer.

How Long the UPS Provides Energy

APC Easy UPS Online

APC Easy UPS Online

Some people need 5 minutes to close all applications. Others will require more time depending on the nature of their work at the time of the outage. Every story is distinct. That is why it is critical to know how long the UPS you select will provide you with service. This is another fact that few can vouch for.

A required formula here. It is not difficult, but it will give you a lot of useful information.

You will need the following details:

The number N represents the number of batteries in the UPS.

V = the battery’s voltage

AH stands for the battery’s ampere-hour capacity.

Eff = the efficiency of the UPS (as a rule, it usually ranges between 90 percent and 98 percent depending on the brand)

UPS Stands for Volt-Amps

We are practical here, and we will provide you with the information you require:

N: Assume your UPS has a single battery. It is completely normal. There are units with multiple batteries, of course. But the majority of commercial brands that sell UPS for computers only have one battery. Be cautious with this information in case a UPS package arrives with multiples…

V: Required are 12 volts.

AH: Normally, this value is 9.

Efficacy: UPSs have a 95 percent efficiency rating. You will be employing 0.95.

VA: We’ve already talked about how to get this value.

((N x V x AH x Eff) / VA) x 60 = Service minutes

Allow us to put your newfound knowledge to good use.

UPS Hardware

APC Easy UPS Online

APC Easy UPS Online

Assume you have a 750-Watt power source and require a UPS. APC Hardware has already demonstrated how to select it. So, you go to the store and place your order. Exactly! A minimum of 1250VA (750/0.6 in case you forgot).

How much power time will this UPS provide? Yes, you can: (1x12x9x0.95)/1250) x 60=4.92 minutes.

More Batteries or A Higher VA

If you need more minutes, you will need to find a UPS with more batteries or a higher VA. UPSs with LCD panels that display information. Such as battery charge level, input, and output voltage, connected devices. And even software that allows the user to program an automatic shutdown of connected devices are available. In the event of a power outage while you are not in front of his computer.

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