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How To Remove/Delete Unused Images In Magento 2?

by djeetin

The performance of your webstore is one of the most vital things for the success of your eCommerce business. According to experts who offer Magento development services, more than 50% of online stores on Magento fail to achieve their true potential due to their inability to perform well. The decision to hire  Magento developer to overcome this issue may seem to be a last resort because Magento is one of the most complex platforms to operate. Though numerous factors affect a store’s performance, excessive images are often highlighted as a significant factor for it.

Being an eCommerce store owner, you need to add numerous images for products and services you offer through the Magento store. You need to delete the products that are not in stock occasionally, but does that remove the images too? Magento is working hard to improve tools to achieve optimum store performance, but images are still a persistent problem.

Even when you delete the images for products you added in the past will continue to clutter the memory. Magento does not delete these images automatically on the removal of the products, thus affecting your store’s performance. These images keep growing day by day and eat up significant space on your server. Today we will discuss how you can remove these images without even a need to hire  Magento developer. Before that, let’s look at how an excessive number of product images on your server impact the performance of your Magento store.

Problems your Magento store face due to unused images

We got a chance to be in a conversation with experts offering Magento development services. After having a brief discussion about the effects of unused images on the server, we found the following problems:-

  • Unused Images keep on piling, thus eating the space on your server without any productive use.
  • They slow down your store, thus creating problems for users by affecting the user experience.
  • Unused images can hamper your SEO rankings, thus causing a drop in your organic traffic.
  • They can make your backup files large and unwieldy, especially when there is an automatic backup process.
  • It can cause you more for your hosting plan due to the need for more space to accommodate those images.

Ways to remove unused/deleted images without worrying to hire Magento developer

After knowing the impact of unused images on your store, it’s time to explore ways to overcome the issue. The first question that arises is whether Magento has default functionalities for it or not? Unfortunately, Magento 2 doesn’t offer any such option, but many extensions can help you with it. Below are a few of the most trusted extensions that you use for removing the deleted images from the server:-

Unused Image Cleaner by FME extensions

Image cleaner for Magento 2 store by FME extensions is one of the popular tools for removing unused images. The tools enable you to identify and delete the idle and duplicate images by displaying them in a separate tab. Below are some of the features that make this tool a good choice for Magento store owners:-

  • Ability to remove images in bulk
  • Storeowners can delete the image from specific folders.
  • Clean the image with the specific formats.
  • Delete the unused and deleted images from products and categories.

Magento 2 Image Clean by MageComp

It is yet another reliable tool to help you remove the deleted images from your Magento 2 server. We recommend this extension to every Magento store owner because it is free for Magento 2 store versions. Free doesn’t mean it is inferior to any other similar extensions available on the Magento marketplace. Below are some of the prominent features that make it a good option for you:-

  • Ability to delete the single images manually.
  • Complete a list of images present on your server but not in use.
  • Ability to select the multiple images for mass deletion with removal by a single click.

Product Image Cleaner by Hungersoft

It is a good option for store owners looking for free extensions to overcome the problem of unused images on their servers. The tool helps you see all unused product images in a single folder, thus making it easy to identify and remove them at your convenience. Check out some outstanding features of this extension below:-

  • Ability to delete a single unused image from the grid.
  • Feature to select multiple deleted images for mass removal.
  • 100% open source and free updates for one year.
  • Qualifies the standard development process with no effect on the core files of the store

Image Cleaner M2 by Magexweb

If you are looking for a perfect solution to remove unused Images from the products and category folders, image cleaner M2 by Magexweb is a great solution for your Magento 2 store. It can help you remove hundreds of unused images even from the specific folders within seconds. Though the tool will cost, you will love the features you get with this extension. The best part is that the extension doesn’t delete the images directly. It will list the images and image path in the grid so that the admin can choose what to delete easily. Below are some of the features that you will love while using the extension:-

  • Remove images from Magento products and categories.
  • Remove all other unused media files to optimize the performance of your store.
  • Ability to fetch all unused images with a single click

These are some of the popular extensions to vouch for the problem of excessive unused images. No need to worry if they don’t suit your requirements because there are many more such extensions available to match your needs.


You can use any of these extensions to remove the deleted or idle images from your webstore. We have seen store owners who wish to build a custom Magento extension for this functionality deciding to hire  Magento developer. We strongly recommend the custom development as it can meet your requirements much better than a pre-existing solution. You should seek Magento development services from companies with proven experience building custom extensions for Magento 2 platform.

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