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DME billing

How to reduce DME billing complications and boost your ROI

DME billing

by USHealthCare

Are you struggling to retain your staff for managing your DME billing operation effectively? Managing in-house resources to follow up on denied and erroneous claims are becoming quite an expensive affair or are the changing billing regulations and new codes leaving you with a lot of backlogs?

Then you are not alone in this. Today the best way to avoid all these troubles is to partner with a team of experts that specializes in managing your DME billing operation.

Today, when you are reeling under the economic and operational pressure of the labor shortage and rising healthcare, cost Sunknowledge Services Inc is a leading RCM destination that has got you covered.

Sunknowledge – the ultimate DME billing expert 

Managing DME billing can be quite stressful and time consuming. This is why expert like Sunknowledge Services Inc is here to help to offer outstanding billing support at only $ 7 an hour. Taking care of both pre and post billing activities for years, Sunknowledge today is known for minimizing DME billing and coding errors while maximizing reimbursements.

With a 99 % success rate in overturning denials and reducing your AR bucket by 30 % for all of our clients within one month itself, Sunknowldge today is the only destination offering the highest first pass collections rate. Designed to adhere to all relevant standards and ensure every staff is properly trained and experienced, our expert constantly works on improving your billing operation by finding loopholes in them.

With the changing regulatory environment, our experts not only follow proper code that allows optimal reimbursement but also reduces your chances of error and rejected claims ensuring thorough checks up.

In fact, catering to all the billing needs, we reduce operational expenses by 80 % while ensuring the highest collections rate and assuring faster reimbursement guarantee decreasing all your compliance risks. Working continuously so that your critical KPIs are met every month with clean claims, our experts also work on maintaining accurate documentation and timely charge capture. Reducing your DME billing gaps efficiently around the clock, 365 days; we leave no cash on the table.

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