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How to Pair Landscape Design With Your Exterior Home Design

by AnicaOaks

When planning your property’s landscape, coordinate the design elements with your home’s exterior appearance. This will help to create a streamlined effect that will enhance the property’s overall look and visual impact. Here are some ways to achieve an impressive result at a reasonable cost.

Use Compatible Materials

For homes with wooden structures or aspects like the wooden door or a porch and a patio, add these materials to your landscape layout. For example, you can use railroad ties around the garden to separate it from the yard. Wooden lawn furniture like a bench will readily connect with the home’s wooden structure. Concrete sidewalks and driveways can be extended when you install lawn birdfeeders and bird baths. Lamp posts in front of your home can be duplicated as accent points in the yard as part of your landscape theme.

Include Similar Structural Elements

Outdoor blinds look great on a patio, shed, or garage windows. Choose a style that is the same or similar to the blinds used in your home. Venetian blinds or pull-down styles will work nicely with outdoor structures and extend your home’s style outdoors. You can also get attached blinds that remain fixed in place or are detachable during inclement weather or the winter season. Window blinds mounted outdoors show extra care toward your yard and outside buildings. They are also functional in keeping sunlight out of the interior of these buildings to protect against heat and deterioration.

Choose Color Coordinated Materials

Your landscape design should blend neatly and aesthetically with your home design. Avoid garish or striking color distinctions between the house and the yard. For example, if your home has blue shutters and a black door, you may want to work with these colors in your landscape plan or at least within the same color palette. Neutral tones go with all kinds of patterns and hues, and you can add colorful accents like a painted roof on your birdhouse or fence decor that links to your home’s appearance.

Connect Yard Decor With Your Home

If your front door, porch, or patio utilizes decor like wreaths, fairies, or stone animals, choose similar images for your landscaping scheme. Avoid adding too many different or competing themes that could make your home and lawn appear disconnected and crowded.

Try to envision your lawn as a natural extension of your home. With simpler materials and a less structured layout, your landscaping design can enlarge the impact of your house while pointing due attention to the lawn and garden.

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