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How to move a mattress during residential moving

by jackreacher101

The mattress is one of the most delicate items in your home, especially the viscoelastic variety. It is where your mind and body rest. Therefore, it is important to care for them well so they don’t become damaged.

You will need to learn how to transport your mattress to ensure it doesn’t get stained, wet, or deformed. The residential moving companies in peterborough can help you with all of this. Also, we will give you some tips to ensure that your mattress doesn’t suffer from poor transport.


Prepare your mattress for transport

Transporting a mattress should be done with care. It is important to protect your mattress and ensure that it arrives at its destination exactly as it was when it left your house. Good packaging is the best way for a mattress to be protected.

The mattress mustn’t become damaged or wet. To do this, protect it with shrink film. You should wrap it in a tight, even layer. After a few turns, seal the structure. Special covers are also available to protect your item during transportation.


Transportation Tips

Have you ever thought about how to transport a mattress in the vehicle you will use to move it? This is another step that requires an orderly and efficient use of resources. Do not drag the mattress. If the mattress does not have handles, it’s best to lift it between two people or place it on a sheet so it can be held comfortably.

You can avoid possible friction and displacements by covering the areas of the mattress that are in direct contact with the vehicle’s surfaces. This blanket protects either the bottom or the sides of the mattress. To properly support the mattress and allow it to move throughout the journey, you can place ropes.


Use your mattress as an additional protection measure.

A well-packed and protected mattress can be very helpful to protect large appliances like the fridge or washing machine. The mattress will rest on the visible face of the door, which will stop them from opening or moving during transfer.

The order of the loads is vital when moving. A mattress cannot be overlooked. It is essential to place the mattress in an accessible location so that it can be moved easily to set up bedrooms and sleep in the new place.


Can the mattress be carried on the roof rack of the vehicle or the roof?

These resources are not suitable for transporting a mattress, despite what you might have read or heard. These resources can pose a risk as the mattress could be damaged by the weather or fall off during transport. You could be fined if the mattress protrudes beyond what is allowed. It is not a good idea and we don’t recommend it.


Avoid manual transfer

How to transport a mattress without causing damage? We suggest you not fold it unless it’s a foam mattress or mat.

To make it easier to transfer foam mattresses, mats, and some models of visco-latex or latex mattresses, they can be rolled like a tube. To vacuum up the air, roll the foam mattresses up and place them in a bag. It’s a lot like vacuum packing.

It is a pocket spring or spring mattress that you must not fold. They could cause damage or deformity to the structure.


Mattress storage

If the mattress will be unoccupied for some time it is best to deposit it in a furniture repository or a protected storage room. Place it horizontally, as they can deform, especially with pocket spring mattresses.

It is best to protect the item from any dust or humidity once it has been located. It should be sealed well and supported on a structure that does not come in contact with dirty or wet areas. It’s a great idea to use moving blankets. Your mattress will be well-protected.

After you have used it once more, take it out of the package and let it air for at least 30 minutes before you put the bedding on it.


It’s worth it?

Before you begin moving your mattress from one location to the next, take a moment to consider whether or not it is worth the effort.

The lifespan of mattresses is between 8 and 10 years. You may want to get rid of your mattress if it has passed its useful life.

Also, you might be surprised to learn that many rest shops offer the disposal of your old mattress along with the purchase of a brand new one.

You now know how you can transport a mattress. Be sure to follow all the tips and ensure that your mattress is safe during your move. Contact Perfect timing moving they are one of the best moving companies in Peterborough. if you don’t have the right vehicle, or you prefer professional help. We will ensure that your mattress arrives at your new residence in perfect condition.

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