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How to Draw Cool Things 

Draw Cool Things 

by Ammar Babbar

How to Draw Cool Things

Draw cool things in just nine easy steps! These smiling mojo sporting sunglasses is arguably the most repeatedly used? This mojo can mean different meanings, depending on the message it accompanies. Generally, this mojo is most often associated with touching cool or great. The favor of this same mojo has made a tremendous demand for a tutorial. Now you requested for it, so we produced. Luckily, we’ve curated a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw cool things summarized in 9 easy and simple steps. With this complete guide, drawing cool things is more accessible. Each step is attended by coherent images that serve as a graphic focus as you observe the teachings. You require a pen and piece, and you’re ready to draw! cool drawing ideas

How To Draw Cool Things – Allows Call Activated!

Step 1

Draw a perfect circle in the middle of your paper. If you can’t draw a perfect freehand circle, don’t worry! There is a tool you can use to help you draw a perfect circle contacted a “compass.” Discern favorable to use it if you require it! To ensure that the outline will be executed correctly in the middle, draw a horizontal and vertical line on the paper to create reference lines where the two tubes encounter where you should trace.

Step 2: Remove the left eyebrow.

Inside the circle, remove an arched eyebrow on the upper left amount of the beginning.

Step 3 – Next, draw the eyebrows on the right

On the opposing flank of the front, draw another curved line to satisfy the eyebrows. Specify that the eyebrows are identical and uniform. Use reference lines as guidelines to ensure their alignment is on the same level.

Step 4: Now, draw a big smile.

Draw an upward curved line in the middle of the bottom of the face to put a massive smile on the emboli’s face. The smile should be indicated just above the chin.

Step 5: Draw the left dimple.

Draw a short curved line at the left end of the line forming the smile. This makes the fantasy of a “dimple.”

Step 6 – Next, draw the correct dimple

Repeat the previous step on the opposing end of the mouth.

Step 7: Put sunglasses on his face.

Just below the eyebrows, draw sunglasses with half-round frames as shown in the illustration. Eyebrows and sunglasses should be slightly parted. Feel free to customize sunglasses and design any style of sunglasses you like. Sunglasses come in many shapes and styles, including round, square, rectangular, and more!

Step 8 – Add Patterns to Left Lens

Draw several diagonal lines in the left lens of the sunglasses. The spaces between the lines vary to complete the fantasy of thought.

Step 9: Following, add marks on the correct lens.

Repeat the previous effort on the other lens of the sunglasses. Finally, the most exciting part comes: fill in the colors of your awesome drawing! This is where you can show off your artistic skills and ability to mix and match different colors. This mojo is originally colored yellow, and his sunglasses are pitching black. However, feel free to color your cool designs however you like and use whatever colors you prefer! And while at it, why not try experimenting with different coloring materials?




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