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How to choose Travel Insurance in India?

by suraaj

Before buying any Insurance, assess your needs and requirements. There are various factors, other than budget and coverage provided, which distinguish the policies. What might be suitable for one individual might not be ideal for a family planning to go on vacation. Hence, invest time in making an informed decision regarding which policy best addresses your needs.

Whether you are travelling within the country or overseas, ensure to buy Travel Insurance from a reputed company. While in your home country, medical policies cover you against various perils. However, when travelling overseas, you must be cautious about the same. Consider this guide for choosing the right plan:

Existing provider

After booking the trip, enquire about the policy from your existing General Insurance company. Check the inclusions, benefits, coverage, premium, and network hospitals before commuting. Companies with network hospitals in other countries mainly offer medical treatment at reasonable rates without shelling money from your pocket.

Policy duration

Depending on the travel plans, you can opt for a Single or Multi-Trip Policy. A Single-Trip Policy only covers you on a single trip, which could be a yearly vacation, whereas a Multi-Trip Policy is suitable for travellers who make frequent trips in a year.

Destination cover

Check whether the policy covers the destination you are planning to travel to or not because different companies have varying policies. Depending on the premium, they may have global or specific geographical coverage.  While travelling to slightly higher-risk countries, the premiums may be higher, along with stricter restrictions.

Policy type

It is cheaper to buy a policy for the whole family online than for each individual. It should provide coverage for all members, including your spouse and children. Use the Travel Insurance calculator for claims and premium payments.

Medical cover

A medical emergency can strike regardless of your location. A competent policy will have your back financially if sudden medical expenses arise while travelling overseas. Before buying the policy, read the details and clauses included under the medical cover section. Declare your pre-existing medical conditions and check whether the policy covers them.

Delayed flights

In case your flight gets cancelled or delayed at the airport, your Travel Insurance provider will reimburse you the money for your tickets and accommodations. Your expenses should be within the claim limit to get the full reimbursement. In case it exceeds, you get only the amount promised.

Luggage cover

What do you do when you have arrived at your destination, but your luggage has not? It has occurred with thousands of travellers all over the world. Ensure your policy covers you for baggage loss and theft.


Look around before settling with a provider. You can go online and check real-time customer feedback for your shortlisted policies. Find out how other customers have rated their experience with a specific insurer regarding claim settlement support, policy terms, emergency assistance, etc.

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