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How to Choose the Right Event Ticketing Software

by ticketpeakinc

Are you searching for event ticketing software These are some things to keep in mind when selecting the right partner?

It is difficult to host an event. This is why it is important to have the right tools in order to make things easier. Event ticketing software allows you to sell tickets, provide special codes, collect payments, and track customer data from a single dashboard. This will allow you to focus on the event itself.

How can you ensure that your ticketing software is up to the task? As you search for the right software partner, we have compiled a list to help you make an informed decision.

1. How User-Friendly Is the Event Ticketing Software?

You will be spending a lot of time on this platform so you want it to be easy and intuitive. You can test the platform to determine how it works for event planners. Think about the workflow and how it helps you achieve your goals. Does it make it easy to create events? Is it possible to accept payments from multiple payment channels? Is it possible to sell tickets in one click?

Think about the output and how it looks for your end-user, or customer. Consumers expect a seamless process. Can customers add multiple tickets to their cart and pay as they wish? Is the ticket accessible via their mobile phone?

2. Is It Mobile-Friendly?

Mobile phones are essential for both event planners and consumers. Any ticketing software you use must be mobile-friendly. Your dashboard should be accessible via your mobile device. Customers should also be able to access their tickets from their devices.

To test the platform on various mobile devices, before you sign up as a ticketing partner, make sure to test it on at least two different phones. It’s easy to add tickets to a cart, complete a purchase and return tickets using the device. Guests can also use the ticket on their mobile devices when they arrive at the venue.

3. What Marketing Abilities Does It Have?

It is essential to market your event sell tickets. A ticket software platform that allows you to easily promote the event is an easy choice. You should choose a partner that provides marketing tools, or allows you to embed your own. Your ticketing page should be easily embedded on your website, in your emails, and through your social media posts.

Partner with a company that makes selling tickets through your marketing channels as easy as possible. You should be focusing on creating campaigns and building FOMO as an event planner. Don’t worry about whether the ticketing software works when you post to Instagram.

4. Are You Able to Create Premium Tickets?

Every ticket is different and event ticketing software should be able to recognize this. You should choose a tool that allows you to create Early Bird tickets at a different price than regular tickets. Premium VIP tickets can be sold at a higher price, offering a set of benefits such as dinner or meeting the band. Each press ticket or guest ticket may have its own unique identifier.

Your tickets should be tailored to the needs of different consumers. Partner with a company that can accommodate all the ticket requirements of your audience.

5. Is It Possible to Pay Multiple Ways?

Paypal, Twint and Klarna. Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay. The consumer of today uses many payment options. Your job is to make it easy to purchase tickets, regardless of their preferred method. So that customers can easily click the buy button, and choose a ticketing system that allows you to accept a variety of payment methods.

6. Can You Track Sales Data?

Customers’ purchases can give you insight into your audience. Make sure to choose a partner who offers an analytics tool for purchasing. These data can be used to learn more about customers and make informed decisions about future marketing strategies. Look elsewhere if a ticketing system doesn’t provide analytics.

Event planners need to sell tickets online. However, they shouldn’t spend their time trying to figure it out. It’s easy to manage all your ticketing needs with event ticketing software. You should choose a partner that makes it easy for you and helps you sell more tickets.

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