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How To Choose a Substitute Doctor?

by frankrobertson030

Many people tend to believe that a substitute doctor isn’t as good as their main doctor. In order to become a doctor, they will need to prove themselves in the field; therefore, you can’t get a doctor that is “bad”. But choosing a doctor, even if it’s a substitute for your regular doctor, depends on if you like them or not. So, if you are in need of a substitute doctor, here is how you can choose the best one.

Always Ask Around

One of the best and most important things you need to do when looking for a substitute doctor is to ask around. Talk to your friends, family, and colleagues about their providers and consider their choices. Getting good recommendations means that they are recommending someone who is highly skilled, well versed, and pleasurable to work with. But keep in mind that every single person is different, and something that works for you might not work for others.

Make Sure You’ve Got Coverage

Once you have your possible candidates, you should ensure that they are the right fit for your healthcare plan. Depending on where you live, there will be different rules and regulations, so always ensure that you are looking at the right plans. Make sure you call your insurance providers and check if this doctor works well for your health plan. This is a very important step in choosing the right substitute doctor.

Always Do a Quality Check

After you have seen if your insurance covers that doctor, it is time that you do a quality check. You should never settle for someone before ensuring they pass the quality check, especially when choosing someone in the medical field. Scour the internet for any bad reviews or critiques other patients had. On top of that, you have to ensure that the doctor that you are choosing has all the right certifications, such as being board certified.

Place A Cold Call

One of the first steps you can take is to call them before taking any further steps. By calling the offices, you will be able to get a first impression of the whole practice. It is important that you choose a place that hires people with good etiquette. When you are calling to make an appointment, you will feel much better and cared for if the secretary is being polite and efficient. Another thing that you should look into is the nurses; they are just as important as the doctor when it comes to the experience.

Don’t Forget To Ask About Logistics

A lot of people will think that they are annoying when they want to ask a lot of questions, but you have to ensure that you have a sense of how the office runs before you can commit. Don’t be afraid to ask questions like how the office handles refills, how they send test results, can the appointments be made online, etc. It is always better to ask all the questions than to make a big choice and get disappointed.

Contact An Agency

If your primary doctor is often on the field and not available for quick exams, you should look into locum agencies. That way, if you find a locum or substitute doctor that you like, but they are changing clinics as they are a locum doctor, you will be able to find where they are working at. A professional locum service in Sydney will also be able to point in the direction of a similar doctor based on your preferences. This way, in case of an emergency, you will be able to find a substitute doctor faster than browsing the clinics near you.

Keep Your Needs in Mind

As we are all different, we will all have unique health needs, which is why you need to ensure that you choose someone who will specialize in what you are dealing with. Always ask the provider if they specialize in things that you often experience. If you have chronic illnesses, make sure that the substitute doctor is familiar with the illnesses and issues people with those illnesses can experience. Even though they will not be your primary doctor, you have to ensure that they can help you with whatever you usually deal with.

Always Trust Your Gut

No matter that the doctor will not be your primary one, they need to be a problem-solver and an advocate for your health. This is why you need to ensure that you can ask them anything and everything. Feeling comfortable with your doctor is the key to choosing the right one. If you have a weird feeling during your checkups and you are not as comfortable as you are with your doctor, continue your search for the right fit.

Do A Search Of Your Local Area

Because we live in technically advanced times, most of the research can be done online. When looking for a substitute doctor, always choose someone close to your workplace, or your child’s school, not only near where you live. Always choose a location that is easily accessible since you will be visiting them when someone is ill.


Look At The Condition Of the Facility

Something that you should consider when choosing the doctor is always to ensure that the facility is appropriately looking, which a lot of people overlook. Look if the environment is sterile and if the equipment is up to date as well as well-maintained. Choosing a doctor which works in a facility that is in amazing condition will make everyone feel safer and more comfortable.


Choosing a substitute doctor is just as important as choosing a primary one. You can never do too much research when choosing a doctor. It is important that you make the right decision, as your health is at stake.

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