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How to Choose a Lifestyle/Family Photographer

by Parker

This one is for moms. This is for those who do it all on their own. It doesn’t matter if you work full-time, part-time or at all. It’s crazy enough, and having children only makes it more chaotic. This post and these photos will explain why I think it’s the most beautiful piece of chaos.

I hope you see yourself in these photos.

You can see this family on my website, in my home, and my daily life. Sam is my best friend, and her children are as close as I can get. Evie was 9 months old when I first met her. Fast forward to 2019, and Evie is seven and a quarter years old, Jude is four, and the world is so different.

If we only look around, life is beautiful every day.

These photos are very important to me. They are everything in between. We take family photos in the Fall with less mess, styled outfits and the best sunlight we can find. Fall family photos are just as favorite of mine, but the ‘everyday photos’ make me smile.

Evie helping a stubbed foot, Mom is picking up the children, Jude with his Batman, and popsicles on their front porch. Then it was back to the wild and free summer. These are the moments we will always remember as children. It’s the time my mom tried to cut down a tree on a camping trip or the “stuck in a train” dance parties. These moments can be hard to appreciate because children are difficult, life is hard, and sometimes we just need some quiet.

These kids should see the beauty in their lives. I want them to see their parents as the real people they are. All children should be able to see their photos and see their parents looking silly, tired, or living the best life they can.


Consider these things when deciding on the type of family photographer to hire.

  • There are many different lifestyle photographers. Lifestyle photography can be described as a relaxed version of posed portraits. For me, documentary photography is more my style. I take a few portraits of each family member looking at the camera, but I encourage them to be their best selves and let the magic happen.
  • What do you feel when you look at pictures on a website?

“This is beautiful, I want my family these exact photos” “This is beautiful, I would love photos like these for my family.”

Although there is some difference, neither is the right or wrong choice. However, I believe that choosing a photographer should be based on what you want and what the photographer creates.

Ex. Images are not my creations. Every family is perfect as they are. I want every family to stop trying to be like everyone else and create memories through photos.

You should feel like you know the photographer or what to expect. Look through many photos to get to know their style. Ask for a complete gallery of photos to better understand the client’s work. Some photographers are bright and airy, while others are moody and dark. Colors that are true to the moment appeal to me. You will find images of many different types throughout my website.

Not all photographers are the same. Some have studios, and others take photos of matching outfits. There is no one way. These tips are based on my personal experience.

I hope that everyone who reads this will take the time to be more aware of every day and all the small moments we may forget but wish to cherish. Please let me know which moments you cherish and wish to keep in mind below. I would love to hear from you and see your comments.

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