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How to apply for bankruptcy gov uk ? – Ultimate Guide

Apply for bankruptcy gov uk

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Filing for bankruptcy isn’t the most popular option in the UK or any other country, however, this can be a reliable option for those who are severely indebted & didn’t find any kind of way to get out of this entire situation. Although British society is cruel towards people who declare themselves bankrupt, it certainly invokes a new window for starting afresh. This also aids to avoid constant chasing by lenders. Learn to determine different implications included with apply for bankruptcy gov uk.

Bankruptcy- What It is?

An individual going for bankruptcy legally states that he doesn’t have to condition to service his debt obligations. And the status of being ‘bankrupt’ helps debtors from the legal restrictions of debt payment to lenders.

Steps to apply for bankruptcy in UK

If you’re in an economic mess & your liabilities are too high as compared to your property, then declaring yourself bankrupt can work as a restart button for you. Honestly, it will give you a burden-free restart to your life since you’ll be eventually relieved from all your debts. So, if you want to apply for bankruptcy, then be sure you consider all these steps carefully:


  1. Prepare your balance sheet: As we all are aware of the fact that bankruptcy is a legally-acquired status, therefore, you need to prove it in court. And court decisions will be based on evidence. Therefore, preparing a balance sheet is so mandatory!


  1. Get in touch with a legal advisor: Consult with a professional financial advisor on this subject. Your advisor will review your balance sheet & explore all the possibilities of winning the court case. Your advisor will also give an insight on individual filing or mutual filing in case you’re married.


  1. File a lawsuit for bankruptcy status: Go to your lawyer & ask to file a petition under the Provincial Insolvency Act. After filing the petition, fight the case in court. And when you win the case, you’ll be deemed bankrupt & will automatically be relieved from the constant hounding of lenders.

Benefits of Declaring Yourself Bankrupt

Getting bankrupt is in no way a good state; however, it’s not the ending point of the road either. You might lose your sense of direction or self-confidence; however, you can make a good comeback with proper strategy. There are some of the major advantages that come along with applying for bankruptcy:

Mental peace: Economic mess often forces debtors in the wrong direction. Several cases of murder & suicide associated with individuals’ debt situations are noted commonly nowadays. By applying for bankruptcy, a debtor can avoid harassment & stress at the same time.

Possibility to restart: Before applying for bankruptcy, debtors don’t get sufficient time for planning their future as the main priority always remains on creditors. So, keep in mind, even if all your properties are gone, you still possess your intelligence & skills. You will be able to concentrate on your future plans when all your debts are written off post-bankruptcy.

Drawbacks of applying for bankruptcy

Economic distress is often caused by bankruptcy & can disrupt your goals- both for the present & future.

Here are some of the major drawbacks of applying for bankruptcy:

Credibility goes for a toll: When you declare yourself bankrupt, the news is loud & clear that you’re a defaulter. In such situations, you may lose credibility in the eyes of lenders or bankers. And lack of credibility makes it almost impossible for you to secure debt ever.

Cost of filing bankruptcy: Declaring yourself bankrupt, an expensive affair indeed, is the ultimate nail in the coffin since you’ve to pay for fighting the case in court.

Want to avoid bankruptcy? Let’s Check Out

As it’s pretty evident that bankruptcy might adversely pose a severe impact on your future life, thus, it’s wise to avoid such things.

Get in touch with a financial advisor: Professional financial advisor can aid you to handle your circumstances better. A professional advisor can not only recognize all the hidden sources of funds, however, can also assist in disposing of some liabilities. Such a two-fold improvement may motivate you to delay your decision to declare yourself bankrupt.

Negotiate with your lender: So if you feel that taking little time may improve your position, then try to negotiate with your creditor. Under regular circumstances, a lender would not prefer you to file for bankruptcy & if you’re able to convince him concerning your future money flows, he will surely listen to you.

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