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How to apply and remove fake eyelashes in a safe and effective manner?

How to apply and remove fake eyelashes in a safe and effective manner?

by daisyryan

Cosmetics and serums that claim to lengthen, plump, and volume our features are hot right now. Wearing false eyelashes makes our eyes appear bigger and more appealing. No amount of makeup can make your face appear longer and fuller than this. Use Careprost online to make your lashes seem longer and thicker.

Even if you have the perfect fake lashes, proper maintenance and application procedures are as crucial.

You don’t want to wake up the next morning with a single errant eyelash or none at all. A few rogue falsies aren’t that big a concern, as long as they’re applied carefully enough.

So we’ve put together a complete instructions on how to use and care for your lashes!

With so many designs to choose from, it’s easy to choose the perfect false lash for you.

You may select from a number of artificial lashes that can be applied in a variety of ways to obtain the appearance you want.

There is no doubt that mastering this skill will take some time, but don’t give up hope.


Natural lashes should first be abused

Apply mascara and curl your natural lashes to create a platform for your artificial lashes to sit on.

Cutting the fake eyelashes to fit is the next step

Make sure your fake lashes fit perfectly around your eyelid. It can also be helpful to hold them in place by bending them in a C shape for a few seconds.

This is where you’ll apply your glue

When purchasing eyelash extensions, make sure to check the quality of the adhesive that comes with them. Duo adhesive is a need for makeup artists!

Not on your eyelids, but just on the lash bands, the glue should be applied in a very thin line. For a more hygienic and even application.

Use a clean brush handle and a dot of glue on the end of it to apply to the lashes rather than directly from the tube.

Be sure to wait a few seconds after the glue has dried and become sticky before applying it.

When using pre-applied lash glue, you should always apply your own lash adhesive.

Afterward, stick them on the wall

If you’re apprehensive about using tweezers, use your fingertips instead. Starting from the outside corner, the lash should be placed as close to the lash line as possible.

To achieve a cat-eye effect, place the outer extension slightly above your natural lash line.

After then, it’s time to take it up a notch

Apply black matte eye shadow with a soft eyeliner brush where your lashes meet your eyes, then use eyeliner to help integrate the look.

You may produce a single layer of false lashes by pressing them into your own lashes with your fingertips.

Caution in Removing Fake Eyelashes

Remove your artificial eyelashes first before removing your makeup.

A good makeup remover like Dermalogica Soothing Eye Make-Up Remover or RCMA Adklen Adhesive Remover will weaken or dissolve the glue.

You may use any oil you choose, including sweet almond or coconut. Cleanse your lash line and outer corner with a cotton swab.

Remove your extension by carefully pulling it away from your natural lashes. When you experience resistance, wait a bit longer and use more oil or makeup remover.


Fake Lash Cleanliness

Cleaning your eyelash extensions might help reduce redness and irritation. Regular cleaning may also prolong lash life.

First, remove the adhesive

Unseen at the root of your eyelash extensions is a small strip of adhesive. To reapply it, you must first remove the leftover adhesive.

Cleaning Solution Preparation

All you need is a small bowl or sink of warm water and some soap. You may also use liquid makeup remover to remove makeup.

Use an eyelash cleanser to keep them clean

Wipe the eyelash extensions with a little water or cleaning solution.

Move on when they dry off

Remove any residual glue from the lashes before putting them somewhere to dry. If you’re pressed for time, just pat them dry.

Unless wiped before reapplying, makeup will build upon artificial lashes. Cleaning your contact lenses regularly will extend their life and keep bacteria out of your eyes. so you can try Careprost eyelashes serum.

Apply one drop of Careprost eye drop to the upper eyelid border and the base of the upper eyelashes.

Using artificial lashes becomes less daunting when you know how to apply, remove, and clean them.

Start with a smaller, more flexible band (like the transparent bands on D-Wisps) and work your way up (most commonly used with more voluminous or Mink lashes).

Even if you struggle at first, invest in high-quality lashes like Stylize, Velour, or Flutter Mink. Try out a variety of lash lengths to find your perfect look! Careprost.co provides natural eyelashes.


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