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How Does The Whatnot Clone App Work? (WC-1000)

by taodavin9

Have you heard of a cloning app? Are you aware of its functions? App cloning is a popular process that several app cloning firms like Ola, Lyft, and Uber have used to create their features. Rising entrepreneurs can benefit from these app cloning techniques as they can begin their startup with it.

App cloning does not involve copying the complete app. Instead, you use the concepts from various apps and gather them together to develop a new app. Similarities might persist between the cloned app and the original one. Yet, the cloned app must contain added new features that can make a clear distinction.

Creating an entirely new app is a time-staking and financially-demanding procedure. In addition, most people may not have the capacity to pay for them. Therefore, most apps that are currently successful are cloned from other apps. However, these apps include new additional features so that the concerned market can purchase a unique product.

Products that you can sell over the WhatNot Clone Script

Sellers can host any products that can get the interest of their buyers, like homemade condiments or baseball cards. You can auction used, new, or custom items. You can also sell rare help with assignment products like homemade condiments.

The function of a WhatNot Clone Script

Now we shall look at the function of a WhatNot Clone Script from the seller’s and customer’s perspectives –

Seller’s perspective

  1. The seller has to sign up in the app and create their store. After that, they enlist their products and make the catalog.
  2. The seller can visit their shopping page live and choose their showcasing product before the live stream. Or, they can either change or add products to the demo.
  3. Once the seller goes live, the icons of the products appear at the bottom during the live stream.
  4. At the end of the video, the viewers can see the click rates, insights, etc., on that video.

Customer’s perspective

  1. Customers can choose and view the categorically-arranged products on the Live Stream.
  2. The buyer can record the product showcase video or auction live by tapping the product stream.
  3. Interested customers can select a product from the bottom of the live stream. Then, they can obtain the description to purchase their product.

Administrator’s perspective

  1. Business administrators can promote their listings to increase their exposure over the platform. The advertisement guidelines of IAB shall mark sponsored listings as Sponsored.
  2. There shall be a platform fee involved on every purchase that is adjustable in the admin panel.
  3. A listing fee for each uploaded product can ensure that only genuine sellers can access this platform.


The WhatNot clone app enables users to list, purchase and sell their collected items. In addition, the live streaming facility through the NTWRK clone script can help buyers see essay typer the product video before its purchase.

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