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Essay for UPSC

How do I write Essay Writing for UPSC?

How do I write Essay Writing for UPSC?

by arjun

Essay Writing for UPSC Writing forms an important part of numerous examinations conducted by UPSC. Civil Services Examination is no different. It’s meant to be a private assessment of one’s personality, one’s logic, and one’s line of thinking. I believe Essay Writing is both an art as well as wisdom. Before further agitating Essay Writing, let me first raise the most introductory question.

What’s anticipated out of an essay?

An essay isn’t just a disgorgement of information and data nor is it a medium to express our stations and prejudices through half- ignited opinions. One purpose of an essay could be to test and assess the jotting chops of the campaigners. Yet inversely and indeed more important purposes that an essay serve are to give sapience into

  • Allowing
  • Capability to respond critically and tête-à-tête to a problem or issue
  • One’s wit to elect and use the information to support an argument and
  • Present one’s arguments in a structured and emotional way.

An essay, to put it shortly, is considered to be a reflection of one’s personality.

What UPSC expects is neither a factual or instructional essay nor a largely opinion one.

What’s demanded is a balanced donation of ideas related to the given content substantiated by sound data and logic. At the same time, it should also be kept in mind that ingeniousness, creativity, and novelty (in presenting and structuring essays) within the limits of reasonableness are always awarded.

At the time, the content I chose to write the essay on was “ Is the Social intelligence hindering India’s Success?”

I started with a fictitious story of atrocities done by two tribals.

The dictators of their area in collusion with the Police authorities about 2 decades back and how they’re still trying to pick up their lives long after those atrocities were committed.

Indeed, the whole Criminal Justice System sounded to have failed in allocating justice to them and the Civil Administration had failed miserably in restoring their lives and livelihoods.

Indeed, though the story was fictitious it was in resonance with the numerous incidents of estate/ class dominance and evil nexus between colourful important lobbies that, unfortunately, do be in moment’s ultramodern India.

After citing this small story

I moved on to explain the impulses, prejudices, and power structures that are still part of the Executive structure of our country more so in the lower and middle situations where the poor and the helpless are more frequently than not at the entering end of it all.

Also I moved further to a further broader position where I illustrated the dominance of Social Intelligence in the psyche of a common citizen by citing exemplifications across polity, administration, economics, and different situations of the society.

Following are some of the points that I would like to mention as my literacy/ take-aways from the essay that I wrote

  1.  Answer the question unequivocally through my essay- Yea, Social Intelligence is hindering India’s success
  2. Paid due attention to illustrating what I understood by every word of the content i.e. I did explain Social Intelligence and how did I estimate Success in the essay.
  3. I took a practical position by admitting the negatives associated with Social Intelligence and its presence in ultramodern India. But at the same, whenever I took. I critical stand it was. Solely grounded on sound. Substantiation and arguments, not just opinions or emotional arguments.
  4. Indeed, though I was critical at places, I maintained a positive station and tone throughout.  was auspicious and hopeful of the future and suggested ways of getting over the impediments which are hindering our progress and success.
  5. Didn’t use the story just in the preface but rather weaved it throughout the entire essay.  connected back to my story in between my arguments and again. Connected back at the grubber end in the conclusion. I gave the direction to the story and eventually refocused on the shaft of light that still was at the end of the dark lair.
  6. Concentrated on a limited number of points only – about 5 or 6 in the entire essay.
  7. I took around 50-60 mins to detail the structure, frame, and broad inflow of the essay. Also, I left around 10 mins towards the end to revise the essay. It reaffirms that quality matters, not volume.
  8. After the examination, utmost people anticipated that I must have written the content “ Science and technology is the nostrum for the growth and security of the nation” given my background as a working Exploration Mastermind and an MBA post-grad. Still, I took an unconventional content since it appealed to me and I was confident that I would be suitable to manage it. And the adventure paid off. Still, I would like to state then that this isn’t a golden rule to choose content different from your area of moxie. But if you’re ready to take the threat, this strategy may yield good tips.
  9. And eventually there isn’t a single. Proven and invariant. Formula for everybody to use. Yes, there could be some set of DOs and DON’Ts and certain 411 but eventually one has to work out one’s formula grounded on an understanding of one’s strengths and sins.

In the following write-up, I’ve tried to mention the strategies, ways, and principles that I plant useful when I prepared for and wrote an essay for the Civil Services Examination. The operation of these principles helped me score 160 marks on the essay paper.

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Preparation for the Essay paper

Now comes the point of how to prepare oneself for an essay. Honestly speaking, I didn’t devote much of my tutor’ s essay medication since. I knew that my GS knowledge, my reading habits, and a decent command of English. Would let me stand in good vantage in the Essay paper.

However, I did spend time structuring and drawing outlines of certain essays which appeared in the last 3 times papers.

We all suffer from information load and in an outright. Attempt to sway the monitor with our knowledge.  Intellectual prowess, we tend to reject. Everything we know indeed if it’s only. Ever linked to the asked theme.

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In this process, we not just diverge from the core theme of the essay and write several inapplicable effects and waste our precious time during the examination but also end up bothering the monitor.

Best Of Luck……..

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