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Herbal Remedies and Supplements to Help with Delayed Ejaculation

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How to cure Delayed Ejaculation and increase ejaculatory control naturally? If you suffer from Delayed Ejaculation, it can be extremely frustrating and cause sexual problems in your relationship. Fortunately, some herbal remedies and Herbal Supplement for Delayed Ejaculation can help with delayed ejaculation and increase ejaculatory control, so this embarrassing condition will not have to interfere with your sex life any longer.

Olive Leaf Extract

An herbal remedy for delayed ejaculation is taking a supplement containing olive leaf extract. Olive leaf extract contains an active ingredient called oleuropein, shown in studies to help delay ejaculation. Oleuropein also has antioxidant properties that can help improve your overall sexual health.

Dong Quai Root

Pregnant women should not consume the root. However, for men, it can help increase testosterone production, which may lead to an increase in libido. Research has shown that Dong Quai Root is most effective when combined with other Herbal Remedies for Delayed Ejaculation, such as Muira Puama, Ginkgo Biloba, Yohimbe Bark Extract, or Celastrus Paniculatus Extract.

Vitamin B6

There are several options if you are looking for a natural way to help with delayed ejaculation. Some Herbal Remedies for Delayed Ejaculation include Yohimbe, Ginkgo Biloba, maca root extract, L-arginine supplements, or sarsaparilla. Herbs may take time before they are effective. However, many people find them helpful in easing the symptoms of their condition.

Suppose you would like a supplement specifically designed to help with delayed ejaculation. In that case, a product called Corona Extra has been clinically proven to be an effective treatment for some men suffering from this condition. This supplement contains no hormones or side effects, so it is safe for most men with this issue.


The almond tree is a member of the rose family, originating in the Middle East. Almonds are grown worldwide today. – Almond nuts are often consumed raw as a snack, ground into almond butter for use on bread or fruit, made into almond milk, or baked into sweet desserts like amaretti. Ground almonds can also be used for frosting pastries or adding crunch to salads.

Horny Goat Weed

Horny Goat Weed is an herbal remedy for delayed ejaculation. It increases blood flow to the penis, which should help you last longer in bed. Horny Goat Weed is also a Herbal Supplement For Delayed Ejaculation because it can be used as a natural alternative to prescription medication.

Muira Puama

Muira puama is a natural herbal supplement for delayed ejaculation. It’s been used for centuries by the native peoples of Brazil, where it is locally known as potency wood. This herb contains substances that help relax muscles in the penis, increase blood flow and stimulate sexual desire. Muira puama is particularly effective at improving the quality of erections in men who have erectile dysfunction. In addition, Muira puama may also reduce anxiety and help you feel more relaxed.

Passion Flower

One herbal supplement for delayed ejaculation that has been used for centuries is Passion Flower. Passionflower extract can be found in capsule form or made into tea. Taking one or two capsules at bedtime may help you relax your body and mind, resulting in increased pleasure during sex.

Banaba Leaf Extract

Banaba leaf extract is a traditional Herbal Remedies for Delayed Ejaculation used for centuries in Chinese, Indian, and Southeast Asian cultures to treat various ailments. It has also been known as a miracle herb for its ability to improve sexual performance by increasing blood flow. You can take this herb in the form of capsules or tea. It’s important to note that this herb should not be consumed on an empty stomach because it could cause nausea or vomiting. Additionally, people taking blood thinners should consult their physician before taking Banaba leaf extract because it may worsen bleeding during surgery.

Schisandra Berry

Schisandra Berry, also known as Schizandra Chinensis, is a berry that helps improve the flow of Qi throughout the body. This herb has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for centuries to improve sexual performance. The berries are harvested in late summer and fall when they are fully ripe. They are then dried in the sun or boiled in water until they become soft. Some people may also choose to drink Schisandra Berry tea or juice on an empty stomach first in the morning.

Gingko Biloba

Gingko Biloba is an Herbal Remedies for Delayed Ejaculation used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. It is an Herbal Supplement for Delayed Ejaculation that you can take orally. That works by opening the blood vessels in the penis, which helps your body produce more nitric oxide (a natural chemical that relaxes muscles). It leads to faster penetration, harder erections, and improved sensation during sex.

Ginkgo biloba can also be used as an ointment rubbed on the penis before sex.

Asian Red Ginger

Asian Red Ginger is one of the oldest known Herbal Remedies for Delayed Ejaculation. It can help reduce inflammation, stimulate blood flow, and increase sexual desire. The herb has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine. One study found that men who took it had almost 50% more sex than those taking a placebo pill. Try taking 600 mg of Asian Red Ginger twice per day.

Asparagus and Milk

Asparagus is a commonly known natural cure for male infertility. It contains high levels of amino acids, which are important for the production of sperm. The amino acid asparagine, which is found in asparagus, helps produce testosterone by increasing the body’s supply of L-arginine. This amino acid also helps increase sperm count, motility, and viability. Asparagus also contains vitamins such as A, B1, B2, C & K that are essential for sexual health and fertility.

Asparagus is not the only food that can help with delayed ejaculation. Milk has been shown to have a significant positive impact on those suffering from this condition.

Ladies Fingers

Alleviate delayed ejaculation using a teaspoon of powdered Ladies’ Fingers root mixed in water. Drink the mixture every day for one week, then once per week after that. You can also eat fresh or dried, chopped leaves three times a day.


Several herbs can help with delayed ejaculation. Try these Herbal Remedies for Delayed Ejaculation at home:

  1. Ginseng is an herb used for centuries in Chinese medicine to remedy impotence and erectile dysfunction in men. It’s also thought to help increase libido, mood, and energy levels.
  2. Withania somnifera is a plant that grows in the Himalayas from which some people extract an active compound called ashwagandha, which is believed to be effective at reducing anxiety and stress-related conditions like depression or insomnia. Ashwagandha has also been shown to have significant anti-inflammatory effects, partly due to its antioxidant properties.

Make Lifestyle Changes

If you have delayed ejaculation, many lifestyle changes can help. Eating foods high in L-Arginine, like nuts, eggs, chicken, or chocolate, is a great start. Try increasing your dosage if you’re already eating these foods and still having issues. Another option is taking supplements like L-Arginine for delayed ejaculation or Tongkat Ali for erectile dysfunction to see if it will help. You may also want to reduce alcohol intake because it can inhibit dopamine production, which may lead to problems in the bedroom. Lastly, make sure you’re getting enough sleep! Low levels of testosterone in the body can cause low libido and arousal problems, leading to delayed ejaculation.

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