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Headphones Price in Pakistan

by irfanrafiq

Headphones are trending in Pakistan because people are in love with the quality of the mic, sound BASS, battery, reliability, and durability. In Pakistan, customers always look for a product with full features, specifications, and the best material quality at a lower price range. At leyjao.pk, we have listed products of every category at a reasonable price. If you are in search of headphones in Pakistan, we provide high-quality headphones at a reasonable price.

A good pair of headphones is the finest method to appreciate music and get a full experience of it. Our visualized headphones provide wired and wireless connectivity, high-quality sound, deep bass, and longer battery life. They possess all of the qualities that a person seeks. Furthermore, it is compatible with your laptop, computer, mobile phone, tablet, and other devices. The reason for this is that these headphones have a global connection, making them suitable for everyone. You no longer need to buy headphones individually for each device because a single headset may serve many functions.

Are you on a tight budget but pursuing high-quality headphones? Keep in mind that companies provide a broad range of headphones, and you may easily obtain high-quality headphones at a reasonable price. leyjao.pk delivers every model within your budget since we want headphones to be available to everyone. Visit the virtual shelves, pick your favorite, and get it at the best price available. You may also take advantage of many special offers on our website. In conclusion, the discounted pricing, special discounts, convenient payment options, and rapid delivery provide you with the greatest shopping experience possible.

Here, we are going to list the best headphones at the cheapest rates. Buy your desired headphones by clicking on the link and filling in the required information.

 Top Best Headphones Price in Pakistan

 P47 wireless headphones price in Pakistan

P47 is one of the best headsets for users in Pakistan. Because of its price and features, this headset is considered one of the most popular in Pakistan. This headset has a portable design and an adjustable headband. A TF memory card and Bluetooth compatibility with all smartphones come to mind when discussing this headband’s items. In Pakistan, these headphones only cost Rs. 899. This Bluetooth P47 has the features and specifications that a headphone user is interested in. It is possible to use these headphones with or without Bluetooth.

p47 wireless headphones

The headphone also includes a 250mah lithium battery. You can use it to listen to music after a single charge. This headphone can work with and without Bluetooth. Also, if you put it on standby, it can last up to 50 hours. You can adjust the volume, switch songs, answer incoming calls, reject a call, hang up the phone, play Bluetooth, power display, hands-free calls, Bluetooth back even, telephone replay, voice prompts, TF, FM, and EQ.

Orient’s Reason – Dynamo 5 Plain

If you want to create an optimal listening environment, Reason by Orient is the finest choice of headphones for you. This is a wireless Bluetooth headphone with the quickest Bluetooth connectivity available. When it comes to design, specs, and features, it includes a headphone port, a microphone, a folding and adjustable headband, and a rechargeable battery. This headset costs Rs 3999/- on leyjao.pk.

Orient's Reason - Dynamo 5 Plain

This is ranked first due to its design, material quality, and features in this price range. This headset has volume controls as well as play and pause buttons, as well as Dolby sound. In terms of battery life, this headphone has a good battery. If you charge it for only two hours, it can last for 160 hours on standby, 6 hours of music playback, and 8 hours of call time. All of this is available in a single gorgeous blue-colored headset.

Sony Mdr-Zx110Ap Headphone – White

Sony Mdr-Zx110Ap headphones are another fantastic option available in white from leyjao.pk. You may enjoy music and listen to music clearly while on the go by using these lovely headphones. Sony has included 30mm Dynamic Drivers in this headphone. White padded cushions provide exceptional comfort. This lightweight headset comes with a 7-day check warranty and is available at leyjao.pk. Along with this, the Sony Mdr headphone enhances the usefulness of a smartphone. This headset is available for Rs 4200/- at leyjao.pk.

Sony Mdr-Zx110Ap Headphone

Sony is one of the most dependable brands in the world. Sony uses excellent and long-lasting materials in this Sony Mdr-Zx110Ap Headphone. This headset also features very fast Bluetooth connectivity and a battery that charges really quickly. Its battery is extremely dependable and long-lasting. Simply charge it once and use it for as many days as you like without worrying about the battery. Because of its battery, features, specifications, and stunning design with trustworthy materials used by Sony, this might be the best-ever pick in headphones.

Rush Crush HP SBHG-9650 Gaming Headphones

 Rush Crush HP SBHG-9650Gaming Headphone is another fantastically designed gaming headset. This headset has the fastest Bluetooth connection speed and the best frequency response. It has a frequency range of 18Hz to 20kHz. The gaming community, particularly young online gamers, adores this headset. In Pakistan, this is believed to be the best-selling headphone. This headset is also one of the most affordable in Pakistan. It costs only Rs 2970/- in Pakistan.

Rush Crush HP SBHG-9650

It has a diameter of 50mm, a sensitivity of 1183dB, a frequency range of 100 Hz to 10 kHz, a microphone impedance of 2.2Kohm, and a sensitivity of 42+3dB. These are the most popular features of the headset. Of course, the first thing to consider is the design. In addition to a high-resolution microphone, this headset offers a lightly cushioned headband that is suitable for a lengthy game. This headset has the finest sound quality in its price range.

Final words

Pakistan is considered to be the hardest market for brands because people mostly look at the price of a product. They always look for a feature-packed products at lower rates. If you are the one who is looking for a headset at lower rates, then consider Rush Crush HP SBHG-9650 Gaming Headphones, Sony Mdr-Zx110Ap Headphone – White, Orient’s Reason – Dynamo 5 Plain and P47 wireless headphones price in Pakistan should be in your consideration. If you want to buy a headphone in Pakistan, leyjao.pk is the site to use since it offers savings and high-quality items.

There are several categories; in this blog, we discussed headphones, their specs, features, and material quality. We’ve also included a list of the finest headphones under 5000 that have the best features and characteristics. The majority of people who use headphones are young. In general, children and teens want a good sound and loudness when listening to music. That is why firms have focused on developing such a headset with a rhythm. We have included the top headphones in Pakistan with rhythm and wonderful sound at an inexpensive price in this piece of information.

If you want to get any of these products from leyjao.pk, go and select your desired product, click on buy now or add to cart. If you want to pay online, this platform will facilitate you by getting payments through Easy paisa, jazz cash, credit or debit card and if you are buying products in installments, you can pay through post pay. We aldo deliver fast shipping in major cities Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi etc




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