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Galala City New Capital

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 – an Egyptian city where construction has begun with the goal of achieving so-called holistic development by creating an international metropolis that benefits the region economically and touristically – is one such example. Also, the Egyptian government is monitoring the development of El Galala City Ain Sokhna, a city built atop Mount El Galala.

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Galala City – An Overview

The Galala project in Ain Sokhna, Zafarana, is part of the national projects plan accepted by the Egyptian government and the state across all Egypt’s governorates because of its status as a huge structure and the region’s bright spot to the east of the Nile.

This project also disrupts the , Ain Sokhna, which serves as a major thoroughfare for other nearby construction sites.

It’s worth noting that the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces is supervising its implementation to create a millionaire city, making it the second most important of these projects after the new administrative capital.

Galala City is a beautiful attraction in Ain Al Sokhna, Egypt it has beautiful mountains.

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Ain Sukhna, in the Arab Republic of Egypt, attracts tourists due to its pleasant climate and pristine waters, making it an ideal location for leisure and recreation investments.

This seaside region has all the required infrastructure and many attractive natural components to become a major tourist attraction regardless of its intention to be a minor one.

This facility works to desalinate the water for that massive project in the city of Galala, Ain Sokhna, and its construction is also to the installation of water desalination facilities such as this one.

This district will be rich in many riches that benefit the formation of this city, which is located on the depth of the coastal route of the project and will enjoy its fortunate location and enough services (both basic and recreational).

This is the most crucial data about Galala.

Where Is Galala City Located?

El Galala, a popular tourist destination in Ain Sokhna, is located on the Galala plateau, a mountainous region midway between Zafarana and Ain Sokhna and roughly 170 kilometers from Cairo International Airport.

It’s around 150 kilometers northeast of Cairo and about 50 kilometers west of the Ain Sokhna harbor. 

It’ll make getting raw materials to factories much easier, and it’ll also help make getting around the city itself much less of a hassle.

What Galala Plateau Has Become Today?

It is important to note that the gorgeous Galala plateau’s Ain Sukhna project has been in place since 2014 to create a coastal and international resort.

And as we previously stated, this plateau is rich in a variety of resources that combine to create a beautiful region. These resources include mining, industry, agriculture, and others, and the city of Galala Ain Sukhna will be located deep within the mountain.

The first phase of the Galala Plateau project, which is symbolized by the new Galala project road that views out over the Gulf of Suez, and the tourist destination with its amenities are almost finished.

  • Galala University for Technology and Science
  • the cliffside walkway used by tourists.
  • On the top of the cliff, a mountain hotel will also be accessible from the fourth floor.
  • Aqua Park is really big.
  • Yacht marina and an international marina.
  • Galala International City and Science University
  • a sizable collection of services that features more than 300 theatres, eateries, stores, and cafes.
  • Chalets for a single day and hotel villas.

Galala Plateau – Where It Is Located on Map?

The construction of the road that offers the service required by the city of Galala, Ain Sukhna, is the Engineering Authority’s and all firms’ largest obstacle in the formation of the Galala Plateau project.

However, the Egyptians used outstanding engineering to accomplish the seemingly impossible.

This is because they constructed a mountain with a height of 220 m near the Mutair Dam, which is equivalent to an 80-story structure.

Looking closely at the road map of the Galala plateau reveals that it has a length of about 82 km, starts south of Port Said at the 92nd mile of the Ismailia Desert Road, and branches of the Ain Sukhna and Suez Road in the region known as Galala, Ain Sukhna.

At kilometer 10, on the Zafarana Road, Beni Suef, it turns south till it enters the governorate of Beni Suef.

Advantages Of Galala Road

This route avoids all the problems associated with the previous Ain Sukhna road on the Beni Suef Zafarana road because of its dangerous curves due to its narrowness.  two-way highway with three lanes in each direction and is fully insured against floods and accidents.

The old road will be abandoned and turned into an internal road because it connects to the new one via two links: the first, which is 17 km long and is located in the Ras Abu Al-Daraj area, and the second, which is 13 km long and ascends the road at a slope of 4% above sea level, both in the Wadi Melha area.

Facilities Of New Galala City

As it is situated in one of the most notable geographic places on the Gulf of Suez beach in the Ain Sokhna region, the city of Galala, Ain Sokhna, incorporates many projects and services:

  • The Monte Galala Resort Sokhna was designed using the first home idea to give clients all the options they could want, giving them the impression that it is their primary residence and the one place they can go all year long.
  • The project’s depth is approximately 1 kilometer and 70 meters, the beach’s length is approximately 300 km, and it was implemented over a very big area of about 520 acres.
  • On an area of roughly 33 acres, the second phase, which is now for sale, has an exit with lakes.
  • There are four connections between the project and the sea, most of which are semi-tunnels that are located beneath the Zafarana Road, which gives it a direct connection to the water.
  • There is also a very sizable Central Park, which covers an area of 8 acres and is home to cafes, restaurants, a lake, and other amenities.

Other Facilities

  • Additionally, there are five hotels, including three boutique hotels and two international hotels.
  • whether it is a health club on land or in a hotel.
  • Several community centers are also present.
  • There are a lot of green areas.
  • various-sized ponds of water.
  • Additional amenities are available at Galala, Ain Sokhna.
  • a kid-friendly recreation area with swimming pools, amusement parks, and a secluded beach.
  • Beachside cabins, as well as a variety of unique eateries and cafes.
  • cultural domain.
  • A golf course is among the sports fields that are there.
  • Large shopping centers that feature the most opulent international brands.
  • Yoga center, spa, and beauty salon.
  • A marina and a marina for yachts are also present.
  • medical facilities.
  • A significant route connects Zaafarana with Ain Sukhna as well.
  • It is home to the first station for seawater analysis.
  • three facilities for treating sewage.
  • hospitals and public buildings.
  • The University of King Abdullah, daycare centers, and schools.
  • a convention center as well as a commercial and financial district.
  • A complex of marble and phosphate fertilizer industries is there.

Galala City In Sokhna Prices

It is important to note that the town of Monte Galala, one of these nine projects, will serve as the foundation for the city of El Galala, Ain Sukhna.

This project offers a list of several types of housing where chalets, villas, and twin houses come in a variety of sizes and price ranges.


  • Space for duplexes starts at 155 square meters.
  • Starting at 75 square meters and going up to 131 square meters are the sizes of the residential units.
  • Apartments for rent, ranging in size from 175 to 450 square meters.
  • From 288 square meters to 450 square meters, the size of the villas ranges.
  • The chalet rooms range in size from 96 to 131 square meters.


The pricing of the village of Monte Galala, which start at 1,900,000 pounds for residential units and have separate prices and simple payment methods, can also be used to learn about the costs of the future city of Galala.

Installments Plans

  • First method: 10% down payment, 10% upon delivery, and the remaining balance paid for seven years.
  • Second, you make a 10% down payment, another 10% after delivery, and the remaining balance is paid for eight years in installments.
  • Third: After making a 10% down payment, the remaining balance is spread out over seven years.

Within four years of the contractual date, all Super Lux residential units. 

Galala City Projects

Galala City has many projects in the city. These projects signify a historic change in the neighborhood and offer a high level of luxury. These initiatives include the following:

  • IL Monte Galala Ain Sokhna
  • Galala Pyramids Ain Sokhna
  • Jura El Galala Ain Sokhna

Marble City In New Galala

Construction of the marble city, Ain Sukhna, on the Galala Plateau would take two years, we’ll discuss four facts about this terrain:

  • As the northern Galala plateau and the Jabal Al-Jalalah Al-Ain Al-Sukhna. 
  • The Galala plateau is also home to a significant number of quarries with access to a variety of raw materials, including various enterprises producing cement, ceramics, petrochemicals, iron, and steel.

Galala Mountain Ain Sokhna

To avoid all the drawbacks on the road from Sukhna to Zaafarana located on the coastline road, Amaze will offer services to the industrial sector as well as the newly implemented Ain Sukhna-Zafarana road.

One of the biggest projects is a specific complex for marble and granite manufacturing called El Galala.It has nine primary production lines, including cutting and polishing, technical workshops, and a housing facility for workers. Two storage sites, a café, and a mosque. a 500-person capacity, an integrated project, and play areas for employees. and irrigation and drainage stations

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