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Ready Made Freelance Website Script

Freelance Script – An Expert’s Opinion on Paid, Free, and Custom Scripts

by bestfreelancerscript

To successfully run a business online, you got to have sleek, modern, and functional websites. Now, you can either do it from scratch or get a readymade freelance script from a reputed vendor. Now, when it comes to the script, you must choose between –

  • Paid scripts
  • Free scripts
  • Custom scripts

The first one needs you to pay to get your readymade website solution installed on your preferred hosting. The second one is the most basic one and can easily be found in a resource directory. The last one is to get a script custom designed by the provider itself.

Option 1 – Paid Scripts

Buying a ready-made freelance website script is fast gaining popularity recently. Most entrepreneurs or startup owners are increasingly getting frustrated with the idea of developing websites from scratch. It is not only more time-taking but also, tedious. Jump to clone solutions; it eliminates all of these hassles!

A bright example of a pre-made script includes the Best Freelancer Script that is built with PHP under Codeigniter Framework. It uses MySQL for database management. This saves a significant amount of energy both in terms of time and investment. Moreover, you can set up an online business in just under a few hours. So, anyone looking to open a business can contact the sales/support team and they can help you with it.

Once a business owner buys a script, he/she notices the general/basic templates. Don’t get fooled by it. A PHP freelance script offers an exhaustive list of customizations and customizable templates are one of them!

A paid script can cost anywhere between $500 – $600 and the installation charges are generally excluded from this process. Once you take up the script, the entire design, plug-in integration, and customization are taken care of by the provider. Now, depending on the type of themes used and the level of customization, $100 (more or less) can be added on top of it.

If you are all about making some serious money with a well-designed script, then this is what you need to consider. This is to pull your mind out of the security issues and also, gain from a fully-featured website that can make your end meet. Plus, if you need to find such scripts, you can do it from here.

Option II – Free Scripts

As the name implies, free scripts are what you can get (readily available). Those pre-made scripts are either free or relatively cheap. The reason for this “light pricing” is the associated cost – setup, etc. However, it is pretty easy to install.

Though free clones are the strongest business attractions to new business owners, unfortunately, they are also the ones with the highest security risks. Spammers often use free scripts to extract (or, mine) data from your site illegally. This way, they can have access to your emails, which are sold to the illegal market. This is not only a violation of the permissions but also, illegal marketing on top of that.

Don’t get it wrong!

It’s not like, all free scripts are harmful. But, most are. They can wreak serious damage to your website and even force the server in stopping your service. Filled with bugs and malware, it can deactivate spam mail protection and flood your inbox with abusive content. This is why; it is always recommended to rely only on a freelance script that has earned the loyalty of many customers.

Numerous business owners have reported several issues while using free scripts. Another common occurrence is the broken link issue. Once the hackers get access to the server, they can steal valuable data (even the encrypted ones). They might also try to delete the site altogether causing intense damage to your business’s revenue and reputation. Hence, a free script is not always the right choice!

A bitter pill to digest but, it’s the truth.

Option III – Custom Scripts

Designing a script the way you want can sound lucrative.

But, without any technical (coding) skill, it is impossible to customize the script hence, it is rendered useless. Moreover, it can be a long and tedious process (not to mention confusing) if you don’t start out with highly defined goals and prior coding experience. Furthermore, you will have to outsource the freelance script to third-party coders to make the changes. This in turn will turn into an expensive proposition as well.

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