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Forex trading at Bear Street

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Trading rather than a business is an opportunity to make big profits in short time. This however is not easy to achieve and requires skills and knowledge of the field. Considering all benefits of trade, one can get an idea of how risky can trading business be. Half information is always dangerous and in case of trading, half knowledge as well. To learn the basics and advanced skills of trading, one needs to be in expert hands. At Bear Street you will have a practical exposure to the working and functionalities of a trading platform, so that even the beginners can develop adequate skills.


Forex trading training at Bear Street


Bear Street is a well-known name when it comes to trading. It offers extensively researched and practical training programs for all levels of students. Forex is one of the most liquid assets in the business and therefore there are classes for forex as well. The tutors and trainers at Bear Street offers forex trading training in Kolkata as well. There is no specific requirements for academic background or prior working experience to join the classes, one just need to have a strong zeal to learn the skill. No institute or trainer, however can tell you which is the best technique that works in forex trading. It is also better to learn by your mistakes and accordingly develop strategies and techniques that works well for you. This is the ideology explained at the academy as well using trading free guide in Delhi. The advantages of choosing forex are explained below:

  • It has high liquidity which refers to the ease of converting the asset into money
  • As currencies are involved, forex market is large with a global reach
  • Forex is the best choice to trade especially for beginners
  • Forex market is continuous and is open 24 hours a day
  • Transaction costs for forex is pretty law
  • Forex has high leverage
  • Forex market is highly volatile as the market is influenced by several economic factors as well
  • Forex market is regulated even after being a global market


Definition of a stock exchange


A stock exchange is an exchange where traders and brokers participate to exchange assets among each other. To initiate a trade, a trader requires a registered broker. The entire monitoring of the stock exchange is regulated by SEBI. So, basically, there are 5 major participants of a Brazilian Stock Exchange in Delhi, which includes SEBI the regulator, the stock exchanges, companies that project their shares, investors and traders who play a pivotal role in the business. Some of the common terminologies of stock exchange are as follows:

  • Annual or yearly report with information of the company
  • Arbitrage means buying an asset from one place and sell it at other with higher returns
  • Bear or Bull market where prices of stocks are falling and rising respectively
  • Broker who buys and sell assets on a trader’s behalf
  • Dividends the share of the shareholders on company’s profit
  • Sensex is an indication of relative share prices
  • NIFTY is the stock market index

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