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Five Things to Do When You are Starting a New Job

Five Things to Do When You are Starting a New Job

by KiranMakhija

When starting a new job, there are numerous changes like culture, colleagues, relationships, exciting pay and other benefits. New beginning requires a fresh perspective because you have to do plenty of work in your new job. There are few things that you should do when starting a new job. Read the blog to know more. 

1. Ask for clarity

In the first three months, clarify everything about your doubts. Now is the time to ask questions and learn as much as you can. You can ask things like the process, expectations of your manager and a way to achieve them. Don’t shy away from asking the questions and doubts. It’s completely fine to say that you didn’t understand something. Being clear with regards to such things with your manager will set their expectations reasonably. They will understand where you stand in onboarding and how much you will contribute in the first few months. 

2. Setting healthy boundaries

Setting healthy boundaries should be done from the first day of the new job itself. This means don’t overburden yourself with the work you do just to show that you are working hard. Don’t signup for dozens of projects just to prove that you are eager. Learn about the cultural norms of the company and take paid time off whenever require. Just put in the correct amount of effort required for the role instead of a little more or a little less. This will help you to paint a picture of yourself infront of everyone as to what can they expect from you and what not to expect. 

3. Build relationships

There is no rush to make connections in the first week itself. For the first ninety days, meet all the people slowly and gradually by checking when they are available for a coffee. Meet again with the people you liked and clicked with or those who can help you perform better in your new role. Develop the relationships naturally and not in a hurry. Remember not to talk about too much details about your personal like, just be casual and professional. 

4. Take feedback

For the first three months, it’s important to understand how are you performing in your new role. Everytime you finish a task, take feedbacks from your manager as to where you could improve and in which areas you performed better. This will help you improve and avoid any criticisms later. 

5. Soak in whatever you can

It is said that the most successful person is the one who get the things done and not do it all himself. So focus on paying attention to what’s happening near you. Learn how things work, learn about the technical and social details and focus only on learning. 

Final Thoughts

Everyone tends to make mistakes in their previous job. If gotten a chance we would have done it better. So we hope you like the list of things to do in your new job. 

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