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female sexual dysfunction in Dubai

Female sexual dysfunction – Symptoms and causes

by intimatedynbamic

IT Female sexual dysfunction is a very sensitive topic and is ignored often.  Women or girls dealing with female sexual dysfunction in Dubai normally they don’t have an idea that there are now made treatment modalities available for the treatment and it all just needs to have the correct knowledge research and access to the right person or facilitator for stop luckily the dynamic clinic located in UAE has the treatment for female sexual dysfunctions. 

This article will shed light on everything related to female sexual dysfunction and where should you head in order to seek the right treatment. 

What is female sexual Dysfunction ?

 a female sexual dysfunction is the inability of a woman to perform sexual intercourse or develop the secondary sexual characteristics to 100%.  Females bearing such a condition often are left infertile and childless.

 There is a darker side of a female sexual dysfunction which nobody talks about is the worsening of the mental condition of the woman so strong it starts to take a toll on her brain and slowly, gradually leads her into a secondary disease such as depression anxiety etc. 

What are the sign and symptoms of female sexual Dysfunction? 

  •  Severe pain during penetrative intercourse
  •  Lack of lubrication even on arousal
  •  complete absence of reaching orgasm on climax
  •  having disputes an unhealthy relationship with the partner
  •  low sex drive
  • Burning and irritation after intercourse 

What are the common reasons for female sexual Dysfunction? 

Female sexual dysfunction in Dubai is basically dealt according to the reasons. following are some of the prime factors leading to female sexual dysfunction. 

Medical reasons


One of the most common conditions that lead to inability in performing a healthy sexual intercourse is vaginismus. This is a painful condition.  Excessive tightening of the vaginal muscles occurs in this situation. the insertion gets painful and difficult.

Anatomical deformity in the vagina 

A lot of the women are born with some anatomical deformities in their vagina. It often goes unnoticed and undiagnosed until the women perform the first intercourse. It is the leading cause of female sexual Dysfunction in Dubai and its treatment needs to be done at the right time.  

Hormonal problems 

Hormonal imbalance and an Inadequate regulatory  mechanism of the hormones often ends up in problems related to the female sexual system.


According to medical evidences infections are the major culprits that inflict the female sexual or the reproductive track. This results in itching, burning, discomfort and bleeding problems. As a consequence females normally avoid sexual intercourse. 

Psychological reasons 

 Apart from the medical problems there are some psychological issues that can lead to female sexual dysfunction in Dubai.

Mental disturbance

Around 8 in 10 women are afflicted with mental disturbances that include anxiety, depression, isolation etcetera. It is the leading cause of having problems related to sexuality. 

It could be as a result of any domestic violence or having a toxic relationship with the partner.

Traumatized brain 

 Some females often have a very traumatic past that leads them two develop secondary medical problems like vaginismus. This is a very common in females who are rape victims. A traumatized brain can never facilitate a woman in experiencing pleasure during intercourse. 

Toxic partner 

 A survey has confirmed that around 3% of the females who report of sexual dysfunction had very toxic partners. Either there partners had beaten  or there partners were extremely wild in bed that had lead them to develop female sexual dysfunction. 

What are the treatment options for female sexual Dysfunction in Dubai? 

As mentioned above, this Sexual Desire Disorder should not be considered as a taboo. Its treatment at the right time can save many females. Here is a closer look on the treatment modalities for female sexual dysfunction in Dubai.  

Medical aid 


If the Female Sexual Desire Disorder is related to infections or microorganisms in the genital tract then the gynecologist will prescribe first generation antibiotics . This will not just reduce the infection but also the symptoms associated along with it. 

Hormone replacement therapies 

Hormone replacement therapies can be in the form of medications or general injections that will regulate the mechanism.

Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment is used to treat certain anatomical problems. these are vaginismus. Shortened labial walls, and hymen perforation. If you’re looking for intimate surgery with strict privacy, head to Dynamic Clinic.. They have a very specialized and skillful team for the  surgical treatment of female sexual dysfunction in Dubai

Psychosocial aid

Pyschosexual therapies 

psychological issues can cause the problem too.  As psychosexual therapist can be your good facilitator who can help you in dealing with psychosexual problems even identify what is actually causing disturbance in your sexual life leading to sexual dysfunction.  

Counselling along with partners 

Sometimes the bond between partners doesn’t work out. IT can be related not only to emotions, but also to an unhealthy sex life.

The therapist will counsel both of the partners and will guide them how to sort things out. This has helped a lot of the females overcome their dysfunction and improve their sexual life. Eventually a healthy relationship is inturn a healthy sexual life. 

After applying Intrinsa Testosterone

After applying the patch, testosterone is released into the body through the skin. Testosterone helps increase libido, after which the patient feels desire, arousal and orgasm disturbance.Testosterone responds to sexual activity and helps achieve orgasm. There are many women who have experienced effective results after using Intrinsa patches.

What can be the problems of untreated female sexual Dysfunction? 

The major problems associated with untreated female sexual this function can be infertility a lot of the females normally don’t seal the treatment is important or even uh neglect their diagnosis. Little do they know that these problems can give rise to complete infertility.

Psychiatric psychotherapists conclude that women who leave sexual dysfunction untreated often live separately or have highly toxic relationships with their partners.

 This clearly indicates that the treatment of female sexual dysfunction in Dubai is quite as important as any other medical treatment. 

What is the cost of female sexual Dysfunction in Dubai? 

The cost of female sexual dysfunction in Dubai fairly ranges between 700 AED to 999 AED.  There are many factors on which the price depends. Your doctor will tell you about it on your first visit.

People at Risk

Women over 60:
You can remain sexually active throughout your life, but it is normal for this activity to decline with age. About 15% of women experience a decrease in libido during menopause.

Women with chronic diseases or diseases that cause pain:
such as hypothyroidism (uncontrolled), diabetes, arthritis or cancer.

Women who have had their uterus or mastectomy often struggle with mental health conditions that can affect their sexuality.

A woman who has been traumatized by sexual assault.

Women taking certain medications such as oral contraceptives, antidepressants, antihypertensives.

Diseases of the reproductive organs, such as endometriosis, which can lead to dysfunction.
Risk Factors

Temporary conditions such as vaginitis, urinary tract infections, and sexually transmitted infections often cause pain during intercourse.

Where can I go for female sexual Dysfunction treatment in Dubai? 

If you are seeking the best institute for the treatment of female sexual dysfunction in Dubai then head towards the dynamic clinic without giving a second thought.  why them? 

They have a separate department for intimate therapy and surgery. All employees are experts , qualified and skilled.The team ensures that every treatment and details of the patient slash candidate is kept personal and confidential.

The bottom line

Pay attention to your body if it is giving you signals related to an unhealthy sexual life. Get your treatment for female sexual Dysfunction in Dubai before it starts taking a toll on your mind and body together. Book an appointment in the Dynamic Clinic with an intimate surgery specialist and break the chains that have 

 caught your sexual life. 


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