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Esco Bars Mega

Esco Bars and Esco Bars Mega: In And Out’s Of The World-Class Disposable Vapes

by vaporboss

Are you someone who is always seeking new things to try each year and after? If you are, you are aware that ultramodern items may be extremely inconvenient when it comes to incorporating them into your daily life. Aside from that, we know that we live in the twenty-first century, which is surely a home to many future things, but it is also a home to stress, anxieties, and flawless tensions. It becomes tough for a person to hold onto such concerns.

Due to this, many people frequently engage in health-harming behaviours like smoking and drinking. Researchers and physicians have been examining the effects of these factors on human health for many years. As a result, they’ve discovered that things like this can have a serious impact on human key health organs including the heart, brain, and, most significantly, the lungs. Cigarette nicotine impacts cause severe damage to the lungs, which can lead to irreparable damage.

So, did you notice that you could lean to these items for relaxation, but at what cost? You cannot risk your life for the sake of brief pleasure and a nicotine buzz. Is there any alternative method that might be used to eradicate cigarettes from our lives? There is, after all. You’ve come to the proper place to get the ideal solution to this question. We will be examining the notion of vaping disposables in this article.

Have you ever heard of them?

If you have, you may readily agree that these are excellent substitutes for smoking cigarettes. These include nicotine salts, have excellent e-liquid tastes, and are charged and powered by a powerful battery integration. With all of that, can you guess what the best part is? The nicest aspect is that they are as portable as a cigarette.

This is wonderful news for cigarette smokers since there will be no discernible difference between the two. However, this is not the end. We have something better than this. In this post, we will take your troubles and replace them with the joy and delicacy of the esco bars giant disposable. This is one of the greatest vapes on the market right now. It eliminates the need to switch to another brand. So, without further ado, let us delve into the inner workings of the vaporizer. You stay with us to become an expert in understanding every detail about it!

If you’ve ever wondered why Esco Bars & Esco Bars Mega are so popular, you’ve come to the correct place! We’ll lay out all of their features, tastes, and other pertinent information here so you don’t have to second-guess yourself before buying them. The popularity of these new disposable vaporizers is undeniable, since they not only provide pleasurable nic hits but also maximise convenience and price. Let’s be clear about this…

Esco Bars & Esco Bars’ Irresistible Wealth That’s difficult to ignore, Mega…

This section discusses all of the features that make both of these vapes unique in their own way. Let’s start with a short comparison of both in the chart below-

Esco Bars- Key Features EscoBars Mega- Key Features
2500 Puffs 5000 Puffs
1100mAh battery 600mAh battery
6ml of Vape Juice 14ml vape juice
Pre-charged Precharged (Rechargeable with Type C)
Pre-filled. Cylindrical design Pre-filled.Highlighter-style design
5% nicotine (Salt) 5% nicotine (Salt)
No spill. No mess No spill. No Mess.
20 e-liquid flavors 6 e-liquid flavors (unique blends)
Thick and Smooth hits Smooth and Thick Hits
Zero lags Zero lags

A quick glance at the following data reveals that the puff counts and ejuice tastes of both vapes differ significantly. The sturdy combination of Esco Bars and its big brother counterpart will not make your vaping experience austere or monotonous. This is due to the robust substance utilised, which does not cause your vape device to get hot on the exterior when ignited, nor does it create battery explosion mishaps if stored at normal temperatures and vaped within their expiry time.

Note: There are numerous fake vape devices on the market, so be sure you get an authentic one to reap the advantages without jeopardising your health.

Furthermore, these are both based on the automatic light-up function, which activates as soon as you take your first draw! It doesn’t get much better than this!! Right?
The difference, on the other hand, is in their design, grip, and weight. The Esco Bars weigh 49.9 gms, whereas the EscoBars Mega weigh 53 gms.

The Esco Bars are cylindrical in form, whereas the Esco Mega resembles a highlighter. The drip tip is a vital component of a comfortable and comparable vape (material-wise).
As a result, what you want most from a disposable vape—a higher puff count, flavour selection, or appearance and dimension—will be the deciding element in which one will best suit your vaping style.

Different Vape Juice Flavors- Esco Bars and Esco Bars Mega

Esco Bars bring 20 distinct flavours to choose from, however Esco Bars Mega vape liquid are limited to 6 selections in order to provide a unique taste creation that is not often seen in any other vape. The 5% nicotine salt infusion and VG/PG combination of 70:30 give an enriching texture and enjoyment to your throat hits, and we are confident that you will never want to leave the cloud nine vaping sensation with these outstanding vape juices. So, brace yourself for some taste temptation as we embark on a journey through the fascinating tastes of each of these vapes…

Flavors of Esco Bars Flavors of EscoBars Mega
Banana Ice Blood Orange Tangerine
Blue Raspberry Blueberry Raspberry Ice
Bubblegum Ice Kiwi Guava
Cotton Candy Peach Pineapple
Mango Ice Root Beer Float
Orange Limeade Strawberry Watermelon
Peach Ice
Pink Lemonade
Red Apple
Strawberry Banana
Strawberry Ice
Watermelon Ice
Cool Salted Caramel
Grape Ice
Kiwi Dragon Berry
Strawberry Cream
Strawnanners Ice

Note: All of these substances have been implemented securely in the unit, and there will be no severe health risks. As long as you stay inside the parameters!

What is the difference between Esco Bars and EscoBars Mega?

These are buttonless vapes, which implies that they can only be activated by inhaling. To activate them, take a slow and deep breath and take certain measures before storing them. These should not be overheated or exposed to direct sunlight. Also, if you encounter any interruptions, shake them. If the gadget still does not operate, its authenticity must be checked, or you may have received a faulty item.

Esco Bars require no special care or effort, however Esco Bars Mega must be recharged during your vaping break to effectively utilise its e-liquid.

How long will Esco Bars and Esco Bars Mega last me?

Depending on your puffing habits, these can be used for a single day to a few weeks or months. Their expiry period, however, begins two years after their manufacturing date. You can use them under any day pattern.

Is it safe to vape at Esco Bars?

Yes! Pastel Cartel’s disposable vapes are designed to withstand accidental drops and can sustain significant harm if their internal structure or uniqueness is tampered with. To keep everything safe, use precautions and restrictions when vaping.

Wrapping It Up

Vaping on any of these Esco Bars disposable Vapes could not be more enjoyable! These allow you to vape with ease, comfort, and convenience. Its automatic firing system eliminates the difficulties of recharging and refilling and is ideal for people transitioning from smoking to vaping as well as seasoned vapers who like MTL vaping. So, choose your flavour and leave us a review!

WARNING: Nicotine is very addicting. Vape Caution! Minors, pregnant women, & those with respiratory problems must not participate!

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