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Escape to Lungchu: Your Next Dream Destination of Adventure

by sophiajames

Imagine you want to spend your leisure time in a quiet little hill village some distance away from Darjeeling, Kalimpong or Kurseong town. There is a small wooden two-storey house, a garden covered with green grass in front, a variety of flowering plants and some trees to provide long shade. Sitting on the lawn, apply the golden sun in the morning and fill a fresh oxygen chest. Today’s article is about finding such a dream destination.

Our destination today is the offbeat hill village of Lungchu, located 16 km from Lava town in Kalimpong district. Starting the journey from a remote hilly village of Kalimpong we reached the entrance of Neora Valley forest. From here begins an exciting journey.

I made my first stop at a small village called Kolakham. From here you can see stunning scenery. We left for Lungchu village, five kilometres away from Kolakham. We reached the village of Lungchu while walking on the rocky path. Where the only homestay ‘Four Stays in the Loch’ is located.

On reaching this village you will feel as if you have come to the background painted by the hand of God. There is a feeling of rice, flowering plants, cloudy sunshine and cool breeze all around. If you sit on the front porch of the homestay and look ahead, the time will pass in a jiffy. The view of the green mountains spread far and wide and Kanchenjunga at times makes this place even more charming.
The experience of staying at Skyline Retreat Lungchu Homestay is wonderful. The cost of a double bed is Rs 1,400 per night. Basic amenities of the homestay, such as the absence of a geyser, the bathroom may have some disadvantages, but with this adjustment, you can actually enjoy the natural beauty here.
Bengali food is available here. You can take food on the plate as ala carte. For example, a plate of rice, dal, boiled potatoes, eggs, etc.
There are also some residents of the village who cultivate cardamom and maize. From here the flocks of butterflies and birds can be seen, which is an added pleasure for nature lovers.

Coming to such an offbeat destination like Lungchu, it really feels like you are in a dream state. Beautiful scenery, tranquil surroundings and mountains surround the place.

This homestay in Lungchu village is located in the lap of nature. You will be amazed by the beauty of the surrounding nature. If you want to see the beautiful view of Kanchenjunga, then this time is ideal from the end of October to November. During this time only you will get to see the real form of nature here.

If you want to spend some quiet time in the company of nature, then the four-stay homestay in the loch of Lungchu village is an ideal place. The natural beauty here, the peaceful environment and the view of Kanchenjunga will refresh your mind. Come to this dream destination, get lost in nature and enjoy every moment of life.

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