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Discussing All About Your HVAC Services Phoenix

HVAC Services Phoenix

by amanmehra

For both residential and commercial buildings, HVAC systems deliver heating and cooling. HVAC systems can be found anywhere, from single-family houses to submarines, where they enable environmental comfort. 

It’s crucial to maintain your HVAC services Phoenix dry in addition to checking and replacing the air filter once a month. The air filter is essential for preventing dangerous airborne particles like dust, pet dander, mould spores, and pollen from entering your home’s HVAC system. But if it gets wet, it can’t do its function.

Leaks of Condensate

Condensate leaks frequently cause wet air filters. The HVAC system cools the air in your house while also converting the water vapour inside to liquid form. Usually, condensate drips into a drip pan and is directed into a drain that exits the HVAC services Phoenix.

An incorrectly installed HVAC system, a clogged drain, a broken or corroded drop pan, or a condensate leak might overflow and saturate the filtration media near the air filter. This not only limits the airflow to your HVAC system but may also pave the way for future mould and mildew issues.

Controlling a Wet Air Filter

As soon as you come across a damp air filter, you should take it out and dry the area with a towel or other absorbent material. Next, check to see that there isn’t any debris or algae growth blocking the condensate drain. 

Also, check whether the drip pan has cracks or corrosion. Don’t forget to look for any symptoms of loose fittings or cracks in the condensate drain lines. Replacing the air filter comes next.

Wet air filter issues can also be avoided with professional maintenance performed by an HVAC contractor you can rely on. Having your HVAC system checked out and serviced at least once a year will help prevent issues that might negatively affect how comfortable it is to be cooled.

Reduced AC Power May Result From a Moist Air Filter

Imagine an air filter as the snout of your air conditioner. It must draw in the air while gathering dangerous debris that can harm its lungs. It’s like blowing your nose when you change your filters. So before it clogs up your sinuses and causes you to sound like Janice from Friends, you need to get all that nasty stuff out.

Your AC system is more challenging to “breathe” if your air filter becomes clogged with moisture. Limiting the amount of air that can pass through the system at once lessens its power. As a result, you will run out of breath much more quickly, just like when you have a congested nose when jogging.

Final Thoughts

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