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Custom Bed Frames: Are They Worth it?

by stevesmith

Getting a good night’s sleep is often attributed to the quality of the bed frame. Without a quality frame in which to place your mattress, you won’t get the maximum benefits in terms of comfort and durability. With that, let’s take you through plenty of reasons to get custom bed frames.

Buying a bed off the shelf is not always easy when it comes to getting perfect dimensions and sleep patterns. There is no reason to gamble with a ready-made bed which may or may not stand up to your expectations when you can spend a little more on a bespoke bed frame that meets your specific needs.

What Are Custom Beds ?

Consciously or not, we tend to choose standard platform bed frames that are representative of our lives, and now that we are home more, we have begun to reimagine what we want and need our beds to do for us. This has many folks turning to custom wooden bed frames, designed to harmonize with the room, and the eco-friendly material to complement clean air and healthy living environments.

Bespoke beds deviate from the traditional dimensions of standard beds. By this, we mean that you can adjust the size of the frame and complete your furnishings with a mattress of your choice.

Of course, it is all about aesthetics. Customers want to have unique furniture that is not mass-produced. Whether you are trying to make the best of your available space, squeezing your bed into a tight space, or expanding it to fill a larger one, with the help of expert craftsmanship and the experience of reliable manufacturers you will be covered.

Types of custom bed frames 

To address space, style, and budget needs, bed frames come in different dimensions from Queen, Twin, all the way up to King. However, it is important to know the different frames to add comfort and style to your bedroom:

  1. Platform Bed Frame: Designed for simplicity, these are a perfect choice when you need a bed without a headboard, or footboard, with a solid base for the mattress. These beds are lower to the ground, making climbing in and out of the bed easier.

  1. Camp Bed Frame: Available in a variety of finishes and features, these bed frames scream a traditional bed frame. This option offers all sorts of options like a bookcase, built-in storage drawers, and trundle beds that can be customized to your exact needs.

  1. Daybeds: This multipurpose bed frame offers multiple benefits for your room decor. These beds are popular with individuals who are looking for a frame that can double as deep-seated for the day and a cozy comfortable bed in the daytime. Plus, for your essentials, you can accommodate built-in drawers and for extra sleeping space, you can go for a trundle.

  1. Captain’s bed: For the best of both worlds: functionality and practicality, a captain’s bed is an ideal choice. This space-saving solution comes with a trundle bed underneath the storage drawers.

The Fashion of Foundations (Importance of being surrounded by the things we like) 

When decorating a room, one of the core pieces to start with is the bed. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that how your bed looks like and functions are a large part of influencing your room design. Considering the bed, centerpiece of a room, there is a reason why people go to great lengths to customize their bed frame.

If your sleeping system is not working for you, then the odds are that your current sleep base is not ideal for you. That is why it is best to buy, the mattress and the bed frame from reliable manufacturers who will be honest in managing your expectations whether you need a platform bed to customize your handmade lofts or just a standard daybed design with built-in storage or trundle bed. 

If you find a company that makes custom wood beds, what sort of things will you consider?

Bespoke Designs Tailored To Your Specific Needs 

Finding someone to make a solid but extremely comfortable bed for special needs sleepers can be a massive relief. Especially, if you rely on a trustworthy builder who knows the importance of building sturdy beds with timeless appeal. Here are some factors to consider while buying your custom wood bed frame:

  1. Height: Choosing the height of your bed frame should be dependent on your comfort and convenience. A higher frame would be better if you have limited mobility or need to climb into the bed. It also means you will have to put less effort to get in and out of the bed. While, if you want something elegant and streamlined, a lower bed frame is a viable option. For, instance, when you need to place the bed under a loft bed, you can check the standard dimensions and decide accordingly.
  2. Design: Custom bed frames come in a wide range of frame styles, from platform, camp, and daybeds to captain bed frames. So it is a good idea to think about how well they will fit in your bedroom layout. Whether you prefer something more contemporary with clean lines like a platform bed or want to create a laid-back room decor with a classic-style camp bed, your custom bed frame will reflect your style and preferred design aesthetic.

Other Factors
  1. Special Features: These can be practical features like built-in storage drawers, a pull-out trundle bed, or matching bedroom furniture to make the space more functional. Or if you have any special requests for stylistic elements like specially designed headrests and leg rests, that can be accommodated too.

  1. Materials: When it comes to materials, sustainability has become an important topic, using only the finest materials and best practices. Some of the well-known brands offer product lines that offer sustainability that is from bunk beds, loft beds, and even platform beds are made from materials certified by Forest Stewardship Council.

How to identify a good base? The possibilities of made-to-order bed frames  

  • Solidly constructed with the best material Able to hold the weight of the mattress without bending cracking or breaking
  •  Build using eco-friendly materials and safety in mind
  •  Secured with dowels and heavy-duty architectural bolts
  • Uses formaldehyde-free paints and finishes that are Green guard certified for the best air circulation

The Advantages of Having Custom Made Beds 

  • Tailored to Your Exact specifications: Want to match it to your other furniture? Want to add storage or a trundle bed underneath? With custom solutions, it is possible to integrate anything into a design.

  • Optimize the available space: With pre-made beds that come in standard size- it can be hard to get exactly what you are looking for. You can save all the hassle and just get a custom bed, however, be sure to measure your room!

  • High-quality bed with timeless design: The value for money you get from a handcrafted wood bed is incomparable. You get to pick the design, add-on, and other customization. These traditional designs will last you a lifetime and never grow out of fashion.

Bottom Line 

The right custom bed frame for you can make all the difference in the world to your well-being. As with custom beds, when you work with expert woodworkers your input does not end there with color! These beds can be tailored to your physical and practical needs in mind. No wonder it is worth your investment.

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