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Creative Event Signage Ideas

by Albertina Marcos

These event signage ideas can be used to create a variety of visuals, and draw attention in equal measures. Event signage is used to welcome attendees, promote sponsorships, or make your brand known at trade shows or exhibitions. It gives your event a professional and organized feel that lets attendees know they are safe. You have many options. Venues and spaces can make it difficult to place traditional signage. Here are some creative signage ideas that you should keep in your repertoire.

Signage floating

You can make the most of water features such as fountains, pools and waterfalls by using floating signage. You could choose something simple like the brand name, event name, or something similar with a theme or event philosophy. To make the transition from day to night memorable and special, you could use adaptive signs with solar-powered lights.

Interchangeable registration booths

Event registration areas are a great way to ensure that your signage is visible from the official welcome area. This area is great for sponsorship and marketing opportunities. It is also a place where people hang around or, dare we say? Potentially, queue. You can interchangeable signage with branded registration booths. Multi-day events can be customized with different designs to make your welcome even more special.


Signage on vehicles can be used to promote an event, as well as to reassure attendees that they are at the right place for it. You can also create buzz using quirky vehicles like buses, cars or modified and luxurious cars. Sponsorship options are available.

Marquee signs

These photo opportunities are a favorite and come in many sizes, including large human-sized signs. These signs are well lit and are great for events with transitions between day and night or low lighting. Visit Custom Neon Signs UK to get your own Custom Neon Signs now. They can also be placed wherever you like to blend in with decor, such as at the beach.


Flags are very popular for outdoor and sporting events. They can be attached to almost anything. Flags that are custom made can make your brand stand out and help you gain more brand recognition.


Chalkboards are a popular budget option that create an interesting effect. They can also be contrasted with other colors of chalks. This type of signage is growing in popularity when it’s combined with calligraphy. It can also be made permanent by using paint to create a new effect. This signage idea can also be used by placing a frame on a stand to make it appear like an easel.


Topiary and foliage can make signs look amazing against many backgrounds. Although this is a large example, you can still use smaller letters to make an impact in an exhibition booth.


A winning combination is branding and comfort. It doesn’t matter if you sign the table tops or have printed signage made for chairs. Or if you opt to go rustic and attach DIY boards to furniture.

Tubes that Light Up

Signage can make an event stand out. Lighting effects can have a dramatic impact on your event. These tubes are small and effective, and can be used to create an entrance or walkway for your event.


The neon sign is bright and colorful, adding a touch of nostalgia as well as creating great signage effects. This would require a larger budget sign idea, but they can still make an impact on your event and provide great photo opportunities.


Signed or branded t-shirts can be used to promote your event and help with sponsorship. Staff who provide excellent service are a pleasure to work with. Branded clothing can reflect your event ambassadors. T-shirts and signage for staff are very affordable, even at a large scale.

Coroplast Boards

Traditional signage options like coroplast boards are not to be underestimated. They are both simple and very portable. Because they are lightweight, staff can carry them around with ease. They are placed at key points and entrances to provide instructions and way finding options for guests.

Post-It notes

This is a low-cost, fun option that will turn heads. The different colors of post-It notes have their own impact. Participants can use these notes to write their thoughts as part of a participation game or to help create a similar wall at their next event.

Windows can be repurposed

Recycling and repurposing is a cost-friendly option for event planning. It also creates unique signage opportunities because you can write on glass. Glass pens can be used to add calligraphy or you can paint the glass and scratch the words out to make it appear negative.


Exhibitions and conferences turn badges and passes into signage. Each attendee will have one. They will also be wearing it throughout the event, which means that there are many opportunities to take photos at gatecrash events. This is a great way to sponsor badges with lanyards.

Table Top

You can turn signage into centerpieces to enhance the table setting or decor such as this top table for weddings. Visit Custom Neon Signs Now to know more about Neon Signs. This could be used at panel discussions to identify the theme or name of the panel, or you could even use it at fundraisers to include themed table names.

Wall/Glass Vinyl’s

Vinyl stickers and decals can be used on walls to fill in empty spaces and transform your space temporarily. You can also use them on glass as shown in this example. This creates light effects as the sun shines through, but it also extends to the floor and is combined with floor signage.

Graffiti Walls

Graffiti is a creative and expressive way of attracting attention. Temporary walls and booths can be built to house the contemporary artwork. A digital graffiti wall can be installed with minimal mess. This wall is able to provide sponsorship opportunities and signage, but also encourages participation.


Signage is more than just a printed sign. These ideas offer a wide range of options that can be used for marketing, sponsorships, branding, way finding, and other photo-worthy moments at your event. There are many options available to make your event signage unique. This post, along with 17 other ideas for event signage, should provide you all the information you need to keep your event sign fresh.

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