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burger king dessert menu

burger king dessert menu

burger king dessert menu

by kazam09

I tasted every dessert available at Burger King over the course of some weeks. Overall, I become least inspired by the Strawberry Shake, Vanilla Hand Spun Shake, and Vanilla Soft Serve considering the fact that they have been typing of undeniable. burger king dessert menu

The Chocolate Oreo Shake and Chocolate Sundae With M&M’s had been both tasty and I loved their crunchy toppings and chocolate flavors. The Dutch Apple Pie, which cost $1.99, blew me away and tasted homemade.

What good is a burger if you can’t chase it with something sweet and scrumptious?

Burger King has staked its declaration to the throne with its call, but the fast-food chain has greater than pork and plant-based totally substitutes on its menu.

Focusing handiest on the treats, I attempted every cookie, pie, and shake to be had at my local places of the quick-food chain to peer which became the first-rate.

Here’s how the sweets stacked up.

Note: Prices and availability are based on my nearby New York City Burger King locations until stated in any other case.

Strawberry Shake — $three.Seventy nine

Strawberry Shake – burger king

People who love strawberry-flavoured sweet could possibly experience this one. Andrew LaSane for Insider

The Strawberry Shake wasn’t a waste of money, however it become a ways from my favoured dessert at Burger King.

In my opinion, the strawberry-flavored sauce tasted synthetic and very sweet.
I think if the vanilla tender serve and syrup have been greater calmly blended, the flavors could have been smoother and I wouldn’t be so jarred by way of the hit of pure sugar to my enamel and flavor buds. That said, I suppose folks that love strawberry sweets would possibly enjoy this shake.burger king dessert menu

Vanilla Hand Spun Shake — $three.79

Vanilla Shake- burger king

It turned into higher with toppings in it, in my opinion. Andrew LaSane for Insider

For me, simple isn’t always always better.

It’s tough for vanilla smooth serve combined with vanilla sauce to compete in a global of Oreo bits, caramel M&Ms, and apple pie.The taste of this shake became not overly sweet but it was additionally not mainly interesting.If your favorite ice-cream flavor is vanilla, you may in all likelihood experience this — but it is a long way from being one of the pleasant options on the menu, for my part.

Vanilla Soft Serve — $1.29

Vanilla Cone- burger king

It changed into just kind of boring to me. Andrew LaSane for InsiderAs the bottom for extra than half of of Burger King’s dessert menu, the vanilla smooth serve merits some admire.It turned into bloodless, creamy, and candy without being overbearing, but it became also quite fundamental.Just like with the tender serve I reviewed from McDonald’s, I suppose this cone might be flawlessly clean in the summertime.

Chocolate Chip Cookies (Two) — $1.50

Chocolate Chip Cookies- burger king

I want that they had been bigger. Andrew LaSane for Insider

The cookies at Burger King have been served heat, gentle, and chewy. They have been tasty however I assume they leaned a little greater to the sour facet of bittersweet.In my opinion, they have been also at the smaller facet for the rate.

Cini Minis (Four) — $ 1.49

Cini minis – burger king

The Cini Minis have been heat but the icing became bloodless. Andrew LaSane for InsiderThe dough of the Cini Minis changed into pretty chewy and, for my part, those could’ve used greater time within the oven, in particular when you consider that they were not golden or even a little crisp.Basically tiny cinnamon rolls, those bites have been served warm with bloodless dipping icing on the side.The idea is A+ however the execution was subpar — specially since the icing turned into not served warm.

Hershey’s Chocolate Hand Spun Shake — $3.79

Chocolate Shake- burger king

The shake changed into thick but clean. Andrew LaSane for Insider
Topped with whipped cream, this combo of chocolate sauce and vanilla smooth serve become thick in consistency however the taste turned into smooth.I suppose that this became the quality option out of the basic shakes, but as you will study later on this ranking, this dessert shined brightest as a foundation for chopped candy and cookie pieces.

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