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burger king allergen menu 2021

burger king allergen menu 2021

burger king allergen menu 2021

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We advocates that you continually seek advice from your physician for questions concerning your weight-reduction plan as Burger King Corporation, its franchisees, and employees, do no longer count on obligation for someone’s sensitivity or hypersensitivity to meals furnished in our restaurants.burger king allergen menu 2021

burger king allergen menu 2021

The allergen information supplied is based on our suppliers’ aspect lists as of June 2017. Please be aware that everyday kitchen operations might also involve a few shared cooking and training areas and utensils, and the opportunity exists that your meal items may additionally be available in contact with different meal products, consisting of other allergens. Products fried in a shared fryer include however won’t be restrained to Fish Filet, Pork Sausage, Crispy Chicken Patty, Chicken Nuggets, Original ChickenPatty, Spicy Original Chicken Patty, Hash Browns, French Fries, French Toast Sticks, and, Onion Rings. In Hawaii, Portuguese Sausage and Spam are also fried in a shared fryer. Our fryer oil incorporates corn, canola, soy, and/or cottonseed oils.

burger king allergen menu 2022

Test and Limited Time Only (“LTO”) services may not be listed here. Product availability and dietary records for some menu objects may also vary by location. We encourage all and sundry with meal sensitivities, allergic reactions, or special dietary wishes to test www.Bk.Com on a normal basis to acquire the maximum up-to-date ingredient records before ordering. Let’s be honest. Sometimes you just crave a burger.  A big, juicy burger with alllllall the toppings.  A whopper of a burger!  (Can you see wherein I’m going here?)burger king allergen menu 2021


Grilling up a burger isn’t constantly inside the plans, so that’s when you reflect on consideration taking a swing through the Burger King pressure-through, alternatively. Burger King is famous for its flame-broiled, massive burgers with plenty of sloppy toppings. Mmmmm. Perfect for whilst the cravings hit.


But you then keep in mind: you may just run willy nilly to the fast-food burger joint and order something off the menu, due to the fact you need to eat dairy-unfastened! Womb, womp.


Well, cheer up, my flame-grilled, burger-loving buddy: you don’t have to keep away from the King altogether! You simply need to recognize your stuff about their menu.


Scoping Out the Menu

So let’s cut to the chase: what can you eat at Burger King in case you want to avoid dairy?

Amazingly, Burger King genuinely has a first-rate choice of dairy-unfastened menu alternatives as compared to a few other speedy-meals franchises accessible. Kudos to BK! As ordinary, although, you ABSOLUTELY must check the maximum recent allergen menu online via the company internet site (scroll all of the ways to the bottom for the maximum current allergen data for download or to view in your browser; you’ll see it inside the footer under “BK Cares”). You can also ask at the eating place, however, I’ve located that many fast meals franchises will virtually direct you to the internet site for the most latest data besides.  If Burger King is a favorite family treat for you, pass ahead and bookmark the website for your tool to preserve it handy.


The one beneficial aspect about asking at the eating place itself?

You may be capable of getting hypersensitive reaction facts in approximately confined time product offerings that aren’t always on the legitimate allergen menu. Like many rapid-meals eating places, Burger King does alternate the menu to house seasonal specials and check out products in positive areas.  You’ll need to invite for an updated aspect and allergen facts at the restaurant (though if they can’t offer that facts, it’s endorsed you bypass the ones constrained time services).

Dairy-Free Burger King Meals

Disclaimer:  This publication is for informational purposes most effective and is not intended to be a medical recommendation.  Manufacturer formulations can alternate at any time, and there is always the opportunity that we neglected a factor

Always double-test components earlier to purchasing and eating.  In addition, the cross infection may additionally constantly be a situation whilst eating out and is one that we are not always capable of accounting for.  Foods can be sliced on the identical slicing board or dealt with by someone wearing the identical pair of gloves that just touched a dairy element.  Always check together with your health practitioner concerning the protection of ingesting out while you or a family member has extreme allergies.

Here are the gadgets with NO dairy components for the United States per the franchise’s most recent allergen replacement at the time of writing this piece. I’ve additionally indicated other top-8 allergens for those gadgets, in case you need to avoid any of those, too.


(Burger King is a global organization, so if you need to check menu selections for different international locations, you’ll want to visit the united states of America-specific internet site.)

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