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Building Your Page’s Personality

by Scarlett Watson

The most important way to increase engagement with your followers is to create a page that users know about, are interested in or are curious about. The most effective way to achieve this is to develop the profile of the Facebook profile that users love, which is the same over time click here.

Some pages excel in curating this type of community, specifically Facebook sites that are well-known in the geek community. If creating a personality for your page is something you think your Facebook page could benefit from, take a look at the following methods:

Keep your Voice Consistent:

Multiple people run many pages, But you’d like your page’s personality to remain constant throughout the period. Think about some guidelines with your team to ensure that your posts’ direction, humour and tone are consistent across all pages.

Interact with Other:

Spend time responding to comments, sharing other pages’ content, and sending back messages directly to you. This is a great way to establish a relationship with your readers and is a fantastic opportunity to win some loyal supporters.

Comment on Local Events:

Your posts shouldn’t be in isolation. Be sure to discuss the current events that affect your page’s content, regardless of whether they’re local or professional events. A humorous or intelligent time-sensitive comment on subjects your followers are interested in is a sure way to gain more shares and discussions happening within your pages.

Showcase your Fans’ Photos:

Pages that show appreciation for them. If someone mentions your page with a positive comment or tweet, share it with your followers. This significantly increases the chance that other users will also start engaging with your page in this manner. You may also appeal to your customers to post photos of them with your product or request them to share an update using a particular hashtag and then highlight their most popular responses on your Facebook page.

Reaching Out Through Facebook’s Tools

Naturally, the most effective way to make your Facebook content more engaging is by making use of Facebook’s outreach and advertising tools. You’re probably already using, at the very least, a few of them, but because of Facebook’s frequent updates, it’s never a dull moment to discover concerning advertising using their site.

Live Video:

The latest public launch of Facebook’s live video streaming feature allows your page to stream live video whenever you want. Think about giving your followers a glimpse “behind the scenes” of your company, announcing who won a competition live or using this fantastic option in any way you think of.


Facebook provides an array of tools to gain insight into your followers and how every post you publish performs. To gain access to these stats, visit your page, and click Publishing Tools to see an overview of how each post performed and Facebook’s Ad Manager for specific insights on advertising.

Coupon Codes:

It’s essential to ensure that people can follow your page! Consider offering certain benefits – coupon codes or helpful tips via posts on your page that aren’t found on other sites. This is an excellent way to gain (and keep) people who like your page. In the same way, providing regular contests, which people can take part in with simple steps like comments or likes, could increase the number of visitors and draw an enormous amount of interest without a lot of effort from your side.


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