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Best Power Tiller, Tractor Implement Uses, Price and Benefits 2022

by Guptamukesh

A Power Tiller is a two-wheeled farm machine. It’s also referred to as a walking tractor, a garden tractor, a hand tractor, or a two-wheel tractor. It can be used to plant seeds, prepare the soil, sow seeds, add and spray fertilisers, herbicides, and water, and transport crops with various attachments. Tractor power tillers are manufactured by VST, KMW by Kirloskar, Greaves Cotton, and other companies. It can be outfitted with rotary tillers, providing smooth resistance to all farm activities. It is powered by a 1.5 HP engine.

It is a multipurpose hand tractor designed for rotary tilling, revolving cultivation in puddle soil, and other small farm operations. This machine is used to operate various implements such as a puddler, rotary, plough disc, leveller, and thresher. It can be beneficial to both small and large farms.

The power tiller machine is used in the agriculture industry since 1980. The most popular companies for Power Tiller machines are Southern Agro Engines Power Tillers, Bull Agro Power Tillers, VST Shakti Power Tillers, KMW Kirloskar Power Tillers, and Kubota Power Tillers, KAMCO Limited Power Tillers.

There are three types of power tillers available in different sizes are- Mini sized power tiller, medium-sized power tiller, large-sized power tiller.

Benefits of Power Tiller:

  • The Power Tiller is a lightweight and fuel-efficient tool. 
  • This machine can be used on different types of land, like flatlands, hilly terraces, water submerged fields, and dry fields.
  • It can be used for the farming of crops like paddy, wheat, sugarcane, cotton, and horticultural plants like mango, guava, and coconut.
  • It can be used for bed preparation, ploughing, weeding, rotavating, reaping, and intercrop cultivation. 
  • It requires less room storage.

The most demanded power tiller in India are: 

Mega T15 Power Tillers By Kirloskar: This power tiller is used for ploughing. It comes with unique features like an 8-gearbox, a Tata battery, an oil bath air cleaner, disc brakes, and a 15-hp engine. It has a self-drive with or without self-motor features. The price of without self motor is Rs 2.10 Lac, and with a self, motor function, the cost is Rs 2.30 lac. 

Sprayman -SCS-1000 GX Honda Power Tiller: It is available with special features like 7 hp engine power, 200 displacements in CC, 2 forward and 1 reverse gear, oil bath air filter feature. The cost is 57,500.

Kamco Power Tillers: This machine is suitable for land preparations, and other farming operations. It can be used for ploughing, tilling, pumping, weeding, pulling, ridging, and many more.

Frequently asked questions about Power Tiller: 

Question: What are the types of power tiller? 

Answer: There are total three types of power tiller are-Mini sized power tiller, medium-sized power tiller, large-sized power tiller.

Question: What is the HP value of a power tiller?

Answer: The HP value is 1.5 Power engine. 

Question: What are the most demanded power tillers in India? 

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