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The Oberoi Rajvilas in Udaipur

Best Places For Pre Wedding Shoot

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Best Places for Pre Wedding Shoot

The demand for a pre-wedding shoot is real! It’s actually part of the photographer’s contract at the present! When you book an excellent photographer for your wedding, you shouldn’t be shocked by the additional costs (which are able to be waived) for a pre-wedding shoot. The excitement of heading to beautiful locations for a photoshoot prior to the wedding is as thrilling and exciting as getting ready to begin your new journey with one the other. 

A pre-wedding photoshoot is an aspect of the desire to commemorate love and unity. In addition, with India being a country with numerous landscapes, finding the right location for your photoshoot prior to the wedding might be a little difficult. Search the current location pin code.

What should you do? It’s very simple. Check out the options for the top spots that do not necessarily need to be famous, but they are great as backdrops to use for your photoshoot. As always, InterMiles is here with its impressive list of places you could pick from for your pre-wedding photoshoot!

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The perfect place to shoot a pre-wedding photoshoot

  • Taj Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad

Do the idea of having the pre-wedding photoshoot at an old palace of the Nizam sound intriguing to you? It is if the historical importance and captivating stories are what you are looking for to complete your fairytale love story, you must definitely consider Taj Falaknuma, a former Nizam palace that has been transformed into a bustling hotel located in Hyderabad. 

The huge palace is just within the bustling metropolis of Hyderabad. Imagine how wonderful it would be to be surrounded by peace despite being in the middle of the city! There are some amazing interiors and outdoor spaces that are dotted with gardens and fountains that will make your perfect backdrops for your wedding photos!

  • The Oberoi Rajvilas in Udaipur

Talking of Udaipur and romantic locations is definitely one of the most sought-after things that give Udaipur its place on the Indian map! With its diverse palaces, breathtaking lakes, and charming vibe among the top aspects that give Udaipur its status as a city that is romantic within India is the extensive list of luxurious and high-end hotels that have stunning designs and interiors. 

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Many of these dreamy hotels overlooking the lakes as well as the Aravallis are just a part of the enchanting attraction of Udaipur. However, finding the perfect place to shoot a wedding photoshoot could be a bit difficult.

If you’re looking for the top wedding photoshoot locations in Udaipur is a must, then you should consider Oberoi Rajvilas. The place captures the essence of Rajasthan through its legendary tradition, magnificent palaces, soft hues, and stunning construction, it is possible to be at ease knowing that this is the most ideal location for a pre-wedding photoshoot in India.

  • The Park Hyatt Resort and Spa in Goa

Goa is blessed with plenty of wedding photoshoot locations that you could count on. Are you looking for the backdrop of the blue ocean? Check. Maybe a cove that balances the blue and green of nature? Check. 

Perhaps a neighborhood that has stunning greenery? Absolutely make sure to check! What do we say if we said that you could find all of these attractions and experiences in one place in Goa? It sounds too unbelievable You say? It’s likely! 

There is a Park Hyatt Resort and Spa located in Goa is a five-star luxury hotel that is designed perfectly to create a tropical atmosphere that reflects Goa’s atmosphere to the fullest extent! Bring your spouse on an unforgettable pre-wedding getaway to capture the most stunning pre-wedding photos.

  • Taj Mahal in Agra

It’s true that the Taj Mahal represents love in a way, there is no doubt about it. Though the possibility of the site being over-crowded with tourists is high you are able to schedule the time with the least amount of crowd. You can also obtain permissions for certain places within the grounds of the mausoleum. 

The lush green lawns and an imposing backdrop to one of the world’s most romantic monuments anywhere is definitely a picture you’d like to capture for your wedding photoshoot. Of course, there’s the Yamuna River that runs across the Taj Mahal and adds to the beauty and peace that surrounds it.

  • Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi

Delhi is blessed with the most romantic locations for photoshoots prior to your wedding. Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi is one such wonderful spot that creates the perfect backdrop that is required for your romantic photoshoot prior to your wedding. The well-lit tomb, with its white and red hues as well as the perfect geometric architecture and the old-world elegance of the Mughal time period. Makes it one of the most beautiful monuments.

  • Panna Meena ka Kund in Jaipur

Don’t be shocked by the many excellent options for places in Jaipur for wedding photoshoots in the pre-wedding period. Jaipur is home to many of the most beautiful areas and neighborhoods that all have intriguing stories architecture, colors, and significance for culture! 

From the fortresses that are intimidating to the extravagant palaces, there are a lot of charming areas in Jaipur. For a unique wedding photoshoot that is magical, You might want to think about Panna Mian Ki Baoli. The well-constructed stepwell was built during the 15th century. 

The stepwell is not only well-known as a tourist attraction. But it is also a popular choice for couples and photographers looking for the ideal pre-wedding photoshoot spot in India. The stepwell is situated at the end of Amer Road. The stepwell offers interesting backdrops which can be used to shoot photos.

  • The French Colonies in Pondicherry

Nothing can beat the charming charm of the streets reminiscent of France in Pondicherry! The well-known French Colony situated in Pondicherry with its diverse architectural style, beautiful color-coordinated buildings, and background to the Bay of Bengal surely add elegance to photos. 

The possibility of having fun in your wedding pre-wedding shoot is quite large when you consider the intriguing structures, cafes, green neighborhoods. Did we not even mention beaches? The crystal-clear turquoise waters that line The Pondy beaches only enhance the beauty of the city. Making it the perfect location for an amazing pre-wedding photoshoot.

  • Solang Valley in Manali

Manali is filled with some of the most stunning locations, lush greenery, and valleys that reflect beauty and love. This is why it is considered to be one of the most popular honeymoon destinations. It is among the top destinations that are romantic within Manali. Solang Valley is our top choice to be the perfect backdrop for your wedding photoshoot in India. 

One of the most exciting activities you can take part in. When you’re two adventure-lovers is to take an air-gliding adventure. With your spouse and possibly get some amazing photographs of the scenery! Does this sound like a blast do you not think? Of course, the beautiful landscape that surrounds Solang Valley. The snow-capped Himalayas that surround the valley is also worth a place to include in the photo shoot prior to your wedding.

  • Sonamarg in Jammu and Kashmir

The many locations in Jammu and Kashmir make you feel romantic, and that’s something that you can’t deny. A warm hug from the cold breeze and stunning green landscape is surely the perfect setting to shoot a wedding photoshoot! Pre-wedding photoshoot goals? 

Do you know, Sonamarg is the perfect destination for you! The stunning snow-capped Himalayas as the backdrop for images that are postcard-worthy for you is well worth the journey. It could also be an unforgettable getaway with your spouse as you get ready to begin the next adventure.

  • Rushikonda Beach in Visakhapatnam

If you and your significant other are beach lovers and you want the ocean to serve as the background for your dreamy photoshoot in Visakhapatnam. Rushikonda Beach is practically perfect for you! When people typically go to Goa to find the perfect beach backdrop for their wedding photoshoot. It is possible to take an alternative route and choose the tranquility of the beaches of Vizag. 

The city that lies on the east shore of India is definitely a good alternative that can beat Goa with regards to tranquility clean beaches, clean water, and fantastic vibes! Moreover, the other advantage of Rushikonda Beach in Vizag is that there are fewer tourists. And you’ll not feel uncomfortable in your cozy and comfy attire for your pre-wedding photoshoot!


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