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Benefits of Integrated facility management

Benefits of Integrated facility management

Benefits of Integrated FM Services for Business

by Rajan Sharma

It is inefficient and unpopular to have 10 distinct systems or processes for one task. Why is facility management any different? That is how integrated facilities management works (IFM). Benefits of integrated facility management over traditional approaches that are still used today are discussed in this article.

Facilities management is always crucial, even though the job’s requirements vary based on the industry.

Facilities management is described as “the integration of processes inside an organization to maintain and enhance the agreed services which support and improve the effectiveness of its primary activities” by the British Standards Institution.

In plainer terms, a facilities manager is in charge of organizing and services on a daily basis on your company’s behalf. The position’s objective is to lower your company’s operating expenses while still guaranteeing that it achieves all of its goals.

Your facilities manager will make certain that your business:

    • Complies with the law.
    • Achieves its environmental goals.
    • Follows a rigorous spending plan.
    • A secure and uplifting place to work

Your business could find it challenging to accomplish and sustain these goals without a facilities manager.

What Do You Mean by Integrated Facilities Management?

To ensure the seamless operation of buildings and facilities, including comfort, safety, and efficiency, integrated facilities management (IFM) refers to the consolidation of facility management efforts under a single discipline.

To keep track of their everyday maintenance and repair tasks, many managers across sectors still use traditional methods like pen and paper, which isn’t very efficient or cost-effective. The concept of integrated facilities management is not new. Managers should consider adopting a contemporary facilities management mindset. Consider the fact that data is no longer segregated. Nowadays, data is gathered and arranged across the board. The same holds true for facility management.

Transitioning to integrated management has been simpler and more realistic with the introduction of contemporary facility management software, such as CloudApper Facility Manager.

Why do you need facility management?

Any organization’s facilities, whether they be a storefront, eatery, or office facility, are crucial for both smooth operation and creating positive first impressions on customers and visitors. Knowing what facilities management is, why it’s necessary, and how it’s carried out is crucial because it’s a relatively new field.

The International Facility Management Association defines facility management as “a profession that encompasses many disciplines to maintain the functionality of the built environment by combining people, location, process, and technology” (IFMA).

Integrating facilities management has advantages.

Savings one of the main drivers of an IFM change is cost effectiveness. Through consolidation, IFM guarantees lower operational costs and is a fantastic illustration of economies of scale. IFM is a wise choice, especially for larger firms with several facilities, as managing many facilities by a team of experts may be highly expensive. IFM assists in identifying areas where excessive amounts of money are being spent, squandered, or improperly managed.

Integrated Facility Management aims for the Core Business

With the help of latest Facility Management software, integrated facilities management is now possible. This enables managers to effectively handle day-to-day tasks while concentrating on long-term objectives. Managers can finally match tasks with the primary business goals by using the birds-eye view as opposed to switching between various activities or teams.

Integrated Facility management makes a less complicated, all-encompassing strategy

Although it might seem obvious, combining your facilities management efforts into one integrated system gives your FM programme a simpler, more thorough approach. You may speed up decision-making, ensure quality assurance across the operation, and clearly define accountability by integrating all of your facility service providers, procedures, and technologies into one integrated solution with a single point of contact. A great facility management approach also enables organizations to take advantage of the advantages of communication and collaboration within an integrated team, including improved organizational flexibility, improved stakeholder alignment and employee engagement, increased productivity, and an influx of creative ideas and solutions.

Integrated Facility Management enables you to invest more time and money in your primary business.

You can focus more of your company’s resources on what really matters by choosing to outsource Facility Management services or consolidate them to a dedicated team of in-house facilities management experts. Company executives no longer have to worry about facilities management tasks and can instead concentrate on the main goal of their organization. An expertise team of facility management with experience may guarantee better adherence to legal requirements, improve teamwork and communication, and ultimately produce a better working environment for employees.

Integrated Facility management makes the Operation Simplified

Time, effort, and money can be saved by grouping all of your facilities management tasks under one roof or a single point of contact. Traditional methods are time-consuming, ineffective, and expensive. Using a paper-based method will undoubtedly result in a mountain of paperwork that takes up space in your file cabinet, basement, or storage area. Using facility management software helps increase operational visibility, enable better team management, and enhance decision-making.

Sharing of Best Practices through IFM

Individual teams are able to exchange the innovations and best practices they have used in their specific settings. Software for facility management can make this process easier. The Facility Manager is a cloud-based programme that can be used on mobile devices as well, giving staff member’s access to documents, instructions, or requests for work orders whenever and wherever they want.

Integrated Facility management Enhances Reaction Time

Modern applications enable real-time notifications and work order requests to be issued via mobile devices when integration is done correctly. For larger firms that manage numerous sites, this is extremely advantageous. No matter where they are, anyone has access to the information and may instantly fulfill requests.

Transitioning towards Integrated Facility management

Two choices are available. Either use technology, which can be expensive, or outsource your facilities management services. The phrase “integrated facilities management” simply refers to managing of facility and services along with its components into a single platform.

It is much simpler to deploy integrated facilities management with Cloud Apper’s Facility Manager since it creates a single location where all systems and procedures can be managed. Tasks related to facilities and asset maintenance management can be made simpler with the help of The Facility Manager, a powerful cloud-based web and mobile facility management software tool. The facility manager can improve your company in the following ways:

The Advantages of Integrated Facilities Management over Customary Methods

  • Makes sure there are welcoming, comfortable environments for both customers and employees.
  • Protects the workers’ safety.
  • Helps one comply with industry and governmental norms and laws.
  • Preserves the systems, machinery, and fixtures as investments by ensuring their quality and upkeep.
  • Increases both the facility’s and the workforce’s productivity.


It makes sense to transition to integrated facilities management. Hire the best facility management services to get all the regular maintenance services done by the best facility management in your area. Making the decision to launch a comprehensive, integrated facility management programme can be difficult for firms. Implementing a great facility management company is a big step for an organization, and finding the best solution necessitates extensive research and due diligence. It helps in making use of all these mentioned benefits of using integrated facility management services. Have the best integrated facility management in your organization and improve its operations. IFM also helps in creating a brand value to the clients or customers.

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