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Assignment Submitted Minutes Late: Avoid Late Submission Penalty

Assignment Submitted Minutes Late: Avoid Late Submission Penalty

by hannahfrank087

Here is a comprehensive solution to the problem if you consistently submit your assignments minutes late, despite your best efforts. The consequences of submitting an assignment late can be severe. It can strain relationships with your professor, add to the workload for you and your students, and, worst of all, put you at risk of failing the course completely. Despite these negative effects, it occurs relatively frequently. This detailed guide will help you avoid problems with your submission and the late submission fine.

How to Avoid Assignment Late Submission Penalties?

There are several ways to avoid late submission fees, and we’ve included a couple below:

  1. Tell Your Tutor

You can take certain actions to make sure that you don’t wind up missing deadlines (and make excuses for it).

Get it over with as soon as possible to avoid late submission. Approaching your tutor well in advance of the due date and outlining your predicament is an excellent option. If they are aware of it well in advance, they might be able to give you a deadline extension or let you submit it later. For them to modify their behavior, they should also strive to inform them as soon as possible.

You can tell them about your problem by contacting them via phone or email. You can also describe the circumstances that kept you from finishing the work on time. Also, let them know if you’ve previously paid a fine for submitting late. There is a good probability that your professor will comprehend your circumstances and accept the work even if it is sent after the due date if you have a valid reason for being late.

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  1. Look For A Reliable Justification for the Submission Delay

You will feel at peace with yourself and won’t have to worry about the repercussions if your justification is convincing. The professor will be relieved that you are being honest and may agree to extend the deadline for you. Just be sure that all of your justifications are credible and that you aren’t just inventing lies to get out of a sticky situation.

Late submissions without the required authorization could result in harsh penalties like point deductions or even submission rejection. When you explain your case, you must be completely honest so that your lecturer can understand what’s going on without any confusion.

  1. Make A Reminder

There are various ways to set reminders, but using your phone is arguably the most useful. On your phone, you can set an alarm or reminder to alert you when an assignment is due. The best part about this is how simple and handy it is. By setting reminders, there is no longer any justification for forgetting! If you’re using a PC, an alternative approach is to use Google Calendar or Mac Calendar. This method has been around for a while and is quite successful.

You may keep an eye on your assignments, particularly the ones that are approaching their due date or are past due. Set a reminder for any tasks or assignments you have so that you will be reminded to accomplish them when their due dates are approaching. Make sure your system for setting reminders is solid and trustworthy so it won’t let you down when you need it most.

  1. Ask Your Professor For A Deadline Extension

Even if the professor is prepared to grant you an extension, it is preferable to request one in the middle of your schoolwork rather than at the very end. This is because finishing your coursework—especially essays—in a short period while maintaining quality becomes incredibly challenging. This is without a doubt the best technique to obtain a delay. Your lecturer might grant you more time if you convince them of your merits.

You probably don’t need additional time if you can’t articulate why you need it. It takes a lot of guts to do this, especially if a paper is due soon. This implies that most of the time, pupils won’t be able to use this option. Every so often, though, it’s worth a shot. Your professor will probably be understanding if you have a valid reason for needing additional time and have performed well in the course thus far (or even just on this particular assignment). If they reject it, the plan must be revised.

How Do I Request A Paper Extension?

Email or in-person requests for extensions are the two preferred options. Say something to the effect of “I’m so sorry I couldn’t finish my paper on time.” Then, elaborate on why you require additional time to finish it, such as if you are having problems researching your subject or are experiencing a personal emergency. Next, inquire with your teacher about the possibility of receiving an extension so you can turn in the assignment after the deadline without being penalized. If they agree, let them know when you’ll turn in the task and thank them for working with you.

How to Request a Time Extension – Email Template

Hello, [teacher’s name]

I’m writing to you through email to ask for a delay on the [assignment name] due [date]. I am unable to finish it by the originally scheduled deadline because of the following:

[Include your justifications]

This has made it impossible for me to finish my work in the allotted time. Can I extend for an additional [X days/weeks]? Therefore, I would have to turn in my assignment by the new date.

I appreciate you taking the time to think over my request. Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

best regards

(Your name)

Risks Associated with Turning In Assignments At 11:59 p.m.

As was already established, there are consequences for turning in assignments even a minute late. Turnitin’s standard cutoff time is often 11:59 p.m.

This is because if a minute passes after that, it will be midnight and a new day with a new date will have arrived. Giving pupils plenty of time to finish their projects is one way to do it.

Risk Of Being Late

The 11:59 p.m. deadline rule, for instance, will make sure that students fully utilize the final day of the deadline if the assignment’s due date is July 21.

Any submission made after that indicates that the student turned in their assignment the following day, on July 22.

As a result, there is a chance that if you submit your assignment at 11:59 p.m., it will be considered to be one day late.

The time has changed because it went from 11:59 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.

As a result, it is advised to turn in your assignments earlier than that because Turnitin’s algorithms won’t recognize that only a minute has passed and a full day has changed.

Due to this, the default penalty is 10% whether a submission is made one minute late or 24 hours late after 11:59 p.m.

Dealing With Technical Issues

If you wait until 11:59 p.m. to turn in your assignments, you could run into technical problems or other problems that could cause you to turn them in late.

Unreliable or slow internet could be the cause of one problem. Wi-Fi and other internet sources can experience connectivity and performance issues.

Imagine that you have finished your assignment, but the internet is down right before it is due. That can be extremely annoying. Again, you could have problems with the hardware or software of your computer.

When several students are attempting to turn in their assignments by the deadline, Turnitin’s servers may become unusable at the same moment. Doing so would deter such last-minute submissions.

Tips For Submitting Assignments On Time

As stated above, submitting assignments on time or after the due date has several drawbacks.

This is because if you approach your instructor without a solid justification, you will be penalized. So, it’s important to turn in your assignments on time to keep your grade and yourself safe.

Making a schedule for your day is one of the suggestions for submitting assignments early. This is crucial because you must keep your personal and academic lives apart so that they do not interfere with one another.

A few hours should be allotted to your task so that when the due date comes, you will already have finished and submitted it. Additionally, you should order assignments according to their urgency.

Finish the most critical task first. It’s a good idea to finish the assignments you find to be the most challenging first. You’ll be able to finish the simpler assignments faster and turn them in earlier.

To avoid procrastination, schedule breaks in between your assignments. For instance, you should strictly adhere to time limits and take breaks that are no more than 10-15 minutes within the time you have allotted for working on your assignments. Longer breaks will make it harder for you to stay motivated to finish the task.

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