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6 Reasons to Never Keep Work Injuries to Yourself

by SamanthaH

Unfortunately, workplace injuries are all too common. When they occur, it’s extremely important for you to alert the required parties of your injury. If you don’t, you could end up with serious consequences. Work injuries can be painful and debilitating. They can even lead to permanent disabilities. Overall, you must never keep work injuries to yourself. Below are six reasons why.

You Must Report the Injury to Your Supervisor

The first thing you should do after being injured while on the job is to report said injury to your direct supervisor. This is extremely important for a multitude of reasons. For one, you’ll need to get medical help. 

Your supervisor should be trained on how to most efficiently facilitate that. Second, you need to alert them if you ever wish to receive any kind of compensation for your injury including workers’ compensation. If you don’t, it may be assumed your claims are fraudulent.

The Report Should Be Made in Writing

While it may technically be permissible to report an injury to your supervisor verbally, it’s much smarter to do so in a written form as well. You need to create a paper trail for your injury. This should include some kind of incident report at your workplace. 

If you don’t create any paperwork, you may end up in a he-said-she-said scenario if your employer disputes your claim. While you may think your supervisor is an honest person, this may not be the case. While your supervisor could lie, the paperwork you created will not.

You Should Retain a Lawyer

There can be many challenges to obtaining the compensation you deserve for a workplace injury. Many employers may be hesitant to grant you the workers’ compensation income you deserve because of the effect it can have on their insurance premiums. There may also be other challenges. 

For example, your first language may not be English. If that is the case, you may need someone with a better mastery of the English language to represent you to obtain the best outcome. 

A Google search for terms like “Injured on the Job in Espanol” will provide you results with Spanish-speaking workers who can obtain attorneys that understand both languages to help you better navigate the legal system to obtain compensation for your injuries.

You Need to Create Medical Records

You need to go beyond simply reporting your injuries when they occur. You should also seek medical attention immediately. Make sure you go to the doctor or the emergency room if necessary. After you have received medical attention, try to make sure that the proper documentation regarding your injuries is produced. 

Obtain copies of this documentation. It may come in handy if you need to hire a lawyer. If you don’t take these steps, the severity of your injuries or even their existence may be questioned.

You Need to Have Witnesses

If the existence of your workplace injuries is brought into question, you may be forced to acquire witness testimony to prove your side is telling the truth. Without this testimony, it may be much more difficult to prove your case. 

Overall, make sure your co-workers are made aware of your injuries. That way, you’ll be able to use those individuals as evidence of the existence of your injuries. Keep in mind that the number of denials for workers’ comp claims has been growing. If you want to get your money back, make sure you have witnesses.

Your Injuries May Be More Severe Than You First Imagined

One thing you should know about work injuries, or anywhere else for that matter, is that just because your injury seems minor initially does not mean it does not represent much more serious connotations for your own health. 

Always be cautious and get help immediately. This includes alerting others of your illness or injury. If they are smart, they will help you get the help you need. Even things like “whiplash” can result in long-reaching permanent injury.

Bottom Line

Overall, you should never keep a workplace injury to yourself. Doing so can help to destroy your ability to get compensated for the pain and suffering you have experienced. Instead, alert people like your supervisor, doctor, the police, and more to ensure your injury is properly added to the record. Without these steps, proving your case in court may end up being much more difficult.

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