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Do you enjoy winter but despise having itchy, dry skin and chapped lips? 

Do you also struggle to find the right skincare products throughout the winter?

Well, you are not alone in experiencing this problem; it is literally the narrative of everyone’s life as the holiday season approaches.

Dry skin usually occurs when your skin doesn’t have enough moisture. The problem with dry skin is endless, starting with the itchiness of having flaky and scaly skin that makes your makeup peel off from your skin. But what if I told you that I have solutions for your dry skin problem? Well, yes, you heard it right. This blog includes a list of the best skin care products in India that will help you say goodbye to dry skin and hello to silky smooth, moisturizing skin.

The best daily natural skin care for dry skin 

Though it is not a one-day result process, you can learn to deal with dry skin before it gets out of hand by making easy improvements to your daily routine. Today we are going to suggest some of the best skin care products for dry skin that are all-natural and can help you improve the condition of your dry skin with few uses. 

We care about your skin as much as you do, which is why all the skin care products for dry skin that we have mentioned in this post are made of purely natural ingredients and help to keep your skin moisturized for a longer time.

  1. BrownSkin Beauty Thirst Trap Roll On

BrownSkin is a unique brand that celebrates brown skin tones and caters to their needs. The thirst trap hydrating skin roll-on from BrownSkin is a portable wand of hydration that gives you the flexibility to use it whenever you want. It gives your skin instant hydration no matter where you are and makes your skin feel soft and glossy. It not only improves the appearance of your skin but also significantly reduces dark circles and puffy under-eye bags. 

This product includes the highest-graded natural ingredients like green tea extracts, aloe vera, and peppermint oil and helps you stay calm in the sweltering summer.

2. The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava Cleansing Foam

Next, we have on our list is the Jeju volcanic cleansing foam by The Face Shop. With Jeju volcanic cleansing foam, you get one step closer to having clean, pure, and moisturized skin. This cleanser has strong sebum adhesion properties and controls excess sebum while nourishing your pores. It also helps you eliminate tenacious blackheads and whiteheads so that you have clear-looking skin. 

For keeping the texture of your skin smooth and silky, this cleanser has pore-tightening properties that will leave no space for dirt or impurities to stay on your skin. So if you wish to retain the moisture of your skin after every wash, then this face cleanser will do the work for you.

3. Kocostar Waffle Maple Mask

Moving forward, our next remedy for dry skin is the Kocostar Waffle Maple mask. Unlike other face masks, the Kocostar waffle mask will moisturize your skin without leaving a gummy residue on your skin. This face mask is entirely made of cotton waffle sheets which help in keeping the mask in a place like how a waffle grid keeps the syrup from spilling. 

Fascinating right? This face mask is suitable for all skin types and age groups. Whether you have a tired-looking face or flaky, dry skin, this face mask will calm your skin stress and leave bright skin. All you have to do is take out 20 minutes of your time and let this face mask do wonders on your skin.

4. One Thing Centella Soothing Cream

Unlike the name of the brand, One thing has more than one thing to offer you. With a simple and elegant design of the product to evaporating consistency of the cream, the One Thing Centella Soothing cream quickly absorbs into your skin post application. This cream is a boon for sensitive skin people who can’t find enough products in the market because of their skin’s response to allergic reactions. 

The well-known skin-soothing benefits of Centella Asiatica present in the cream include calming sensitive skin and aiding in damage healing. From keeping your skin moisturized, reducing hyperpigmentation, and increasing skin elasticity to reducing skin irritation, this cream does it all!

5. Vagad’s Khadi Kiwi Fruit Lip Balm

Winter is here, and so is your struggle with chapped and dry lips. Unlike your skin, your lips tend to get dry more often and need an agent to keep them hydrated all the time. We know nobody would want to face the horror of going out with chapped lips.

The Vagad’s Khadi lip balm is made with all-natural ingredients and prioritizes the hydration needs of your lips as much as your skin. It not only soothes dryness but also leaves a pleasant odor after application. To give lips the equal treatment as your face, you can buy skin care products online for your lips from COSSOUQ.

6. Glamveda Hydration Expert Hyaluronic Face Serum

The Glamveda Hydration Expert Hyaluronic face serum is what your skin craves if it is dry, pigmented, or uneven. This face serum is appropriate for use if you have oily or combination skin and want to enhance the natural radiance of your skin. 

The non-sticky, light, and gel-based formula of this product is very simple to use and moisturizes your skin right after application. The list of good things doesn’t end here. This face serum is a thin, flavorless, and odorless gel that absorbs quickly into the skin and has a cooling and calming effect making it one of the best skin care products for men and women. 

7. Purearth Wild Rose Himalayan Mist

Purearth wild rose Himalayan mist is the love of nature kept in gorgeous apothecary jars that soothe and moisturizes your skin. The sweet fragrance of the flowers aids in fighting against blues by easing despair, anxiety, and tension. Your body needs to maintain the correct pH balance to safeguard your skin’s acid barrier, and Purearth knows that thus it has all the right ingredients to do that.

From constricting pores to encouraging cell regeneration, this incredible mist with healing powers can do it all. You can use it as a setting spray for makeup, as a toner after your washing routine, or as an activator for the face mask. So keep your skin moisturized and energized with the scent of the queen of flowers in your hand.

8. Urban Veda Reviving Rose Facial Oil

The rejuvenating rose face oil by Urban Veda is made according to an old ayurvedic principle. This face oil is prepared with natural components such as herbs, flowers, and fruits, as well as multivitamins and professionally proven actives. With natural components like rose extracts and soothing Shatavari, this face oil claims to replenish your skin’s hydration and keep it there all day. 

The suitability of this facial for all skin types, especially older skin, makes it very versatile and one of the best skin care products in India. So if you want to increase the elasticity of your skin, eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, restore your skin’s youthful bloom, along with keeping your skin hydrated, then this vegan and cruelty-free product will do the trick for you.


If your skin has become dry recently, utilizing these natural skin care products for men and women will help you keep it hydrated and healthy. Using skin care products to moisturize your skin in the early stages will help you cure the flaky skin problem and prevent it from becoming a major issue. You can buy the best skin care products online from COSSOUQ and give your skin a boost of energy and prevent it from drying out. 

However, if you have dry skin for an extended period of time, it may have more harmful consequences. We advise you to seek out a dermatologist. Your dermatologist will take care of it and stop the issue from becoming worse.


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