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5 Work From Home Set-Up Essentials

by lizzieweakley

Working from home offers many advantages for companies and employees, so it’s important to ensure each of your remote workers has the proper set-up so they can be productive. Whether you are an employer ordering supplies for your employees or a small business owner operating out of a home office, here are five essentials you need for your home work space.

Standing Desk

Sitting at a desk for forty hours a week can cause all sorts of health issues including depression, back pain, and obesity. If you are working from home, you should purchase a desk that can be easily converted into a standing workspace. Standing while working may sound unnatural, but many employees love the ability to stretch their legs without having to leave the task at hand.

Glass Chair Mat

Glass chair mats are all the rage because of their durability and stylish appearance. Chair mats protect your flooring while you are swiveling around in your office all day. The benefits of glass over plastic chair mats include a longer lifespan, enhanced appearance, and effortless gliding. Your office will look more elegant and you won’t have to replace a cracked, worn-out plastic chair mat ever again.

A Comfortable Desk Chair

If you’re going to upgrade your chair mat, you should also upgrade your desk chair. Using the wrong chair can cause unnecessary back, hip, and neck pain. If you can’t seem to get comfortable while you are working, it may be time to get a new, ergonomic desk chair. Look for one that allows you to adjust the height and armrests so you can get the exact support you need.

Tasteful Decorations

A home office wouldn’t be complete without a few tasteful, non-distracting decorations. Whether you want to spruce up your space with photos or include a few seasonal pieces, making your home office more inviting will give you the mood boost you need to stay motivated. Investing in stylish pens, notebooks, and computer accessories can also be helpful. Succulents are still all the rage and are easy plants to care for. Consider placing a few around your office for a fresh pop of green.

Storage and Organization Methods

A well-organized office is a productive office. Even if the rest of your home is a total wreck, you should treat your office like a sacred space. Folders, filing cabinets, bins, and baskets can all be useful in organizing and storing paperwork and supplies. Take time to de-clutter the space. In order to stay focused, keep your set up organized. This will give your space a peaceful, relaxing feel.

As long as you have the right equipment, working from home can be peaceful and rewarding. Being in the comfort of your own home can allow you to be more productive in all areas of life. If you want to get the most out of your home office, don’t skip out on the essentials listed above. Make sure to create a space that helps you focus and stay relaxed throughout the work day.


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