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5 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Pilot Leather Jacket

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The Pilot leather jacket, which you know as the aviator leather jacket has come a long way. The timeline shows that early on it was a part of the US military pilot’s uniform essentials. Today it is a timeless and iconic choice for men and women, due to its unique contemporary features. The pilot leather jacket does not serve its initial purpose and is now essential outerwear in every wardrobe.

With its variety of luxurious styles like sheepskin collars, patches or no patches, buttoned or zipped front closures, and the massive collection of colors, it is no surprise that how these exclusive attires are appealing to a huge part of pop culture.

If you wish to uplift your outfit with a handsome masculine style and tough vibe, then SCIN’s Pilot jacket would be a perfect choice. Men’s aviator jackets are not only classic but vintage too with a perfect touch of modern fashion that exudes the versatility of your personality. Women also love leather aviator jackets due to their ultimate popularity and everlasting styles. These jackets compliment most of the outfits and are suitable for every occasion.

In this blog, we will be discussing things you should know before buying a pilot jacket and why you should have it.

What is a Pilot leather jacket?

Pilot jackets also called aviator or flight jackets are well-known for their strength and durability. These were initially designed for pilots to endure the harsh cold and wind at high altitudes.

The design has changed over the decades. The bulkiness needed to keep pilots insulated in harsh weather conditions has transformed into a trimmed and more sophisticated style. Nonetheless, leather jackets are still long-lasting and durable.

As the US military men were the reason for the fame of these jackets, even today, the pilot jackets personify the same tough masculinity of the military. They enhance the wearer’s personality with a confident vibe.

There are a variety of colors available in different styles like the Airforce Brown RAF B3 Aviator Real Leather Jacket by SCIN or the Brown Ginger Aviator Bomber Cross Zipper Leather Jacket by SCIN. These look best for both modern and classic worlds.

What is the difference between Aviator Jackets and Bomber Jackets?

Pilot Jackets are often confused with Bomber jackets because they share the same history. However, there are some significant differences to tell them apart.

  • Aviator jackets are designed to portray tough masculinity with ribbed cuffs and epaulets and are hence suitable for a charismatic and smart casual look. Meanwhile, bomber jackets give more youthful looks suitable for a casual day out.
  • Symmetrical front zip closure with a button close to the collar is what makes aviator jackets unique from bomber jackets. Bomber jackets have only zipper adjustments.
  • Another major difference is the use of horsehide leather in the upper parts of pilot leather jackets instead of cowhide.

However, many designers have now incorporated the thick military style of aviator jackets with the fitted style of the bomber jacket in their designs. Even so, the original design that causes the vintage and sophisticated look of the jackets is from the aviator style.

Materials and Techniques used for Pilot Leather Jacket

Generally, the materials used for the pilot jacket are boiled wool for the body to give warmth and leather for the sleeves.

Over the years, different models of aviator jackets are created, most common are the ones which are made with sheepskin or lined with wool, silk, or cotton.

Here at SCIN, they are made up of premium quality sheep leather. The robust zipper and polyester hand stitching give the jacket its unique perfect touch. The soft sheepskin leather with inner shearling lining makes the pilot leather jacket the most suitable outwear for every occasion.

Major Characteristics of Pilot Leather Jackets

·         Unmatchable warmth

Pilot jackets have been popular since World War II as they could provide warmth at high altitudes. The curly sheepskin provides insulated air space that keeps the wearer warm even during the worst weather conditions.

·         Waterproof

The sheepskin used for Pilot jackets is naturally waterproof and moisture absorbing. Hence, the fibers of the jacket stop water from entering the core, making it water-resistant with increased heat regulations.

·         Increased durability

The sheepskin is durable and strong which makes these pilot leather jackets long-lasting and highly durable. They can withstand daily wear and tear for decades.

·         Versatility

The designs of aviator jackets evolved with time. The features include elasticated cuffs and button or zipped front closures. The tailored waist length keeps the wearer warm. The slide-up collars tailored around the neck give additional protection and enhance the style.

How To Style Your Pilot Jacket

Styling an aviator jacket is not much difficult. For men, it works best when paired with a collared shirt, denim, button-down shirts, and khakis, if your workplace is a bit casual. The bottom jeans with colors according to the jacket will perfect the look.

A women’s pilot leather jacket can work best with any outfit from their wardrobe. The jacket highlights your aura even if you pair it with simple jeans and a shirt or a dress.

Ideally, the pilot jackets are supposed to be a bit oversized, hanging loosely over your hips, but the cuffs should be tight.

The most demanded colors for pilot jackets are black and brown leather jackets. Most people opt for neutral colors as they pair best with every outfit.


Pilot leather jackets are classic and exceptionally warm winter attire. They come in high demand for both men and women. This is due to their durability, longevity, and style.

If you are looking for a premium quality pilot jacket, Leather SCIN would be the best option for you because they offer high-quality material with exceptional design and stitching, with a variety of colors, styles, and customized sizes that you will not find elsewhere.

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