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5 Benefits Of Having A Handmade Rug In Your Home

by jerrymartin

Handmade rugs are made with absolute precision and attention to detail. They are a work of art, generated by excellent craftsmen residing in various regions of the world. Most of these rugs belong to areas within Iran, as this country inhabits some of the most talented and expert carpet knitters in the world. 

Handmade rugs are mostly made of silk or wool fabric, and each one is one-of-a-kind. You can add one of these rugs to your home while working on the interior design of your space. They work as a balancing element and adds a touch of colour and vogue to any house design. Handmade rugs in Australia are also becoming increasingly popular due to the beauty and versatility they add to a place.

Why Purchase A Handmade Carpet For Your Home

A handmade rug offers various benefits when compared to other types of rugs. Here is a list of all the advantages that a handmade rug provides.

  • Resistant To Damage:

No glue or adhesive is used in the production of a handmade rug, which makes it more durable than machine-made rugs. As the knots between each twist is hand-tied, they provide greater strength and do not decay over time. 

Whether it’s a wool or silk rug, the strands are looped around each adjacent rug and then secured with the first knot to ensure maximum strength. This is why handmade rugs remain unaffected by rough usage even after years. 

  • Easy Cleaning:

As wool and silk are natural fibres and a handmade rug is only made up of the best quality of these materials, it is easier to clean. A Persian or Oriental handmade rug contains about 100-600 knots and can be cleaned completely in a single wash. You can wash them with a detergent or soap solution to eliminate dust, dirt and debris gathered between the knots. 

  • No Skin Reactions:

A lot of effort and time goes into the production of one handmade rug. They are made purely of synthetic fibres, which means they are safe for use. These organic products will not expose you and your family to harmful toxins. Unlike machine-made rugs that contain harmful chemicals, a handmade rug is made of pure materials, and will not cause allergies or skin reactions.

  • Beautiful Designs:

The number of craftsmen that knot handmade rugs have decreased significantly. This is why these carpets have become so rare and expensive. However, they can be considered as adding an antique piece to your home due to the individuality and beauty they offer. The designs are specific to each artisan because it is influenced by their personal life. No two rugs are similar, which makes these artistic rugs so desirable as house decorating pieces. 

  • Less Stain Absorption:

Unlike machine-made rugs that are made with synthetic fibres, a handmade rug contains pure wool or silk. The composition of these materials makes them less prone to stain absorption. You do not have to worry if the kids have spilled juices, food remnants or other liquids on the rug. Just wash it with some detergent or get help from a professional cleaner to loosen the stain.

To sum it up, there are various reasons why you should incorporate an ethnic Persian handmade rug in your home. They are great to add a touch of design in your bedroom, guest room or living space. 

Place it under the coffee table, in the middle of the room or near the entrance for an increased appeal. If you are looking for handmade rugs in Australia, you can visit Rugs Online. We have a collection of rugs from Turkey, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Iran and Pakistan. 

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