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Why is TEC Registration Bothering the Indian Government?

by registrationwala

When it comes to TEC registration, you know what it is for. Allowing you to import telecommunication devices in India, this certificate shows a rise in demand. Ever since the government of India opened its doors to invite foreign telecommunication products because of its new “ease of business” ideology, hardly a day goes by when we don’t hear about the TEC certificate.

But it is bothering the government of India. Why? The certification is a sign of changing times, and it has allowed many to establish international business throughout the country.

So why is the government of India just now showing apprehension towards it?

The reasons are many. And in this article, we will explore each of them – commenting on whether they are justified.

The rising penetration of foreign telecommunication product

For the longest time, India has taken pride in being self-reliant. It has paved the way for many things – from electronic products to fashion – to penetrate the hearts and minds of the citizens. However, telecommunication products are getting increasingly affordable. That factor motivates people to purchase foreign products rather than invest in “in-house” products. It is worrying the government about the TEC certificate to no end.

Is this reason justified? Yes. Because while India has become more inclined toward allowing foreign countries to run a business here, it has also promised India to be more vocal for locals. This creates a paradox and, thus, can be worrisome in the long run.

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Foreign telecommunication devices can, at times, pose a threat to the country.

Even though citizens’ trust in foreign products is at an all-time high, the government is still apprehensive about it. India was considered the last beneficiary of many foreign trades for the longest time. Only after a regime change did foreign nationals start seeing India as a viable place for business. However, this sudden interest is letting foreign telecom products into the country uncontrollably. This factor can be problematic, especially when the nature of these products is enough to hide articles that can harm national security.

Is the reason justified? Yes, it is. Even though the world has become more peaceful, we can listen to the horns of war at any moment. Therefore, now is the time to be extra careful – keeping in mind the needs of the people at all times.

What is the solution?

Now that you have seen all the reasons behind the governments worry, is there a solution? There are many solutions to this issue. TEC certification still relies on old regulatory measures to oversee the products coming to the country. Therefore, there is a need to adjust those rules, keeping in mind the relationship that we have with the countries in which these products are manufactured.

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The penetration of foreign telecommunication products into India is problematic. It diverts the attention from locally-produced devices. It also leaves national security in the hands of foreign products. However, changes in TEC registration norms can make it possible for India to regulate the import of telecommunication products in a way that’s conducive to India’s development.

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